• Upcoming Improvements to Call of Duty: Ghosts

    FOV Changer for PC: Don't have an exact ETA, but we're working to get this in.   Back in December, we posted a long list of improvements we were working on for Call of Duty: Ghosts (see below). We're pleased ...
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  • SMG buff. . . I'm done.

    Before I start, no, this isn't a thread about me whining because I keep getting beat, this isn't a thread of me whining because they are not catering to my personal needs.   When I heard about the upcoming SMG b...
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  • Win by a lot, lose by a lot

    Less and less matches are going down to the wire. I've dabbled in a couple matches today and all of them have been losses where my team barely hit the half the points needed to win while the other team piled on the ai...
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  • We need Spawns feedback!

    UPDATE: February 10th, 2014   Thanks for all the feedback so far!   We have a different spawn setting in the Core TDM playlist (across platforms). If you have time to check it out, please do, and let us kn...
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  • Nerf the M27 IAR

    There have been some idiots saying that the ARs in this game are overpowered and even saying the M27 isn't. Well here I will refute this argument. The so called best AR vs the M27. Here I will prove the M27 is better ...
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  • ps4 ghost lag

    seems like everytime i play ghost it does nothing but lag ive open all the ports and still lag also thought maybe it was my hdmi cord causeing the tv to lag and nope anyone else dealing with this
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  • Map DLC is already hurting the X1 matchmaking, Wise heads needed....

    I'm concerned and wise heads are needed. I am on the Xbox One playing in Australia. Issue: since Onslaught has been added to general rotation matchmaking has been noticeably affected. I am getting use to "Games n...
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  • Camping IS ruining this game......

    Boy I never thought I would be the creator of a thread titled as such.  I have been a part of these forums for a long time and defended camping for the most part but it has gotten out of hand.  I apologize t...
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  • How Ghosts coerced me into pulling out my camping gear

    Since the DLC release and update, my final scores have gone from being around 21-3 K/D to a more recent, and devastating, 9-15 K/D. This is not a coincidence. Since the DLC release and update, many of my matches ...
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  • How to get People to Play More Objectively!

    It's quite simple really; make it so whatever amount of deaths and kills you have got in a, for example, Domination match will not affect your overall K/D. The only reason I, and many others, do not play objective is ...
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  • Ghosts feedback: faults, fixes & feedback? Post here.

    Hi. This is a constructive feedback thread. The devs can research/investigate if they so desire. Please post sensible and qualified information only. If you are unsure of how to post here, use this template:   ...
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  • How IW could address the map DLC debacle...

    As Foxhound puts it... I'm a little salty over the DLC maps not being in rotation. As many who frequent the forums know... I've been concerned about DLC maps and matchmaking for a long time.   Ghosts DLC... new ...
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  • Why is team deathmatch overrun with clans?

    ???   anyway, I don't want to post too much, but I don't some people are thing in the right direction on the cause of things.
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  • So, I've decided that a large number of people that don't like Ghosts are not very good at it.

    I've been playing the CoD franchise since MW2 with the same core group of about 10 guys and gals. Out of these 10, 7 have decided they despise Ghosts and have returned to BO2 or been playing Titanfall mostly now. Here...
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  • Just to let everyone know the SMG'S are getting buffed !

    I know I know I know ! Its crazy look ! Ghosts In Depth - SMG Buff Stats (Bizon, K7, Vector, VEPR, CBJ) - YouTube
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  • Is IW high or desperate?

    So I've just logged into the game and see that IW are trying to sell extra slots as part of the customisation package.  I've noticed the trend of trying to milk the Call of Duty fan for all we're worth but this i...
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  • Fix Lag Compensation | QuickScoping | IED's and its a good game?

    For me the lag compensation is unforgiving, and couple that with quickscoping (which IW said was removed) and you have some serious problems.   When you're on the bad end of lag compensation people slide, this h...
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  • Major Faults with CoD: Ghosts

    I'm not one to complain a lot, but this game was hyped up to be amazing. I've played 9 hours so far and I can safely say it is the worst CoD multiplayer experience I've ever had.   1. The spawn system is absolut...
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  • Nerf AR's

    I think you should nerf AR's so they would be more equal with SMG's so with eSports rules you could use Stalker. ATM they're pretty damn overpowered at long range versus SMG's. Like in BO2 at medium range, M8 and MSMC...
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  • I hate free fall

    Cluttered confusing hard to see camp fest. I hate freefall.
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