• MW3 color code list.

    Here is complete list of Color codes you can use in your name, classes and chat. Remember to like and bookmark the topic   ^1 - RED ^2 - GREEN ^3 - YELLOW ^4 - BLUE ^5 - CYAN ^6 - PINK ^7 - WHITE ^8 - ...
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  • My roster won't show up?

    Hey guys, im a leader of an elite clan ( Appex Reapers ) and every time i try to pull up the roster to kick inactive members, an error message pops up? I've asked a couple other members and they said they've been expe...
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  • Need MW3 Elite Help..

    So I go to leave my clan. And it says theres a error when I go to rooster to select a new leader. What do I do.    Also my clan is at level 41 and I didnt't get the titles that have nothing on them. Or the...
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  • Moab team!

    Im looking for a 6 man team going for moabs I have a 1.89 kd and I have gotten 3 moabs today solo message me or add if interested BuGz ReTuRn
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