• My opinion on this aim assist "issue" and some tips.

    I hope this post ends up being mostly coherent.  I haven't slept much at all the last few days due to moving into a new house and I have trouble concentrating.  I may start to ramble and get off topic, or ma...
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  • Am I the only one that thinks is fair?

    To have a little AA for wiimote and decent portion of AA for DA OR non for both? I don't see the problem. All I hear from biased people is (take it off wiimote) or (take it off DA) when in truth the mote need...
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    You've spoken and we've listened: Search & Destroy is back as a public game mode! Head over to the Standard playlist to find it along with the new game mode, Search & Rescue.   As a refresher on the rul...
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  • Wiimote Aim Assist Option Back [edit: update]

    Update:   So i played now 10 Matches. and i really have to wait for an patch note from treyU, the longer i played the better it felt. so if thats the max we getting im settled im silent, im happy i dont have any...
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  • Thank you Treyarch

    Just wanted to stop and say I really appreciate all of the hard work and effort you guys put into the Wii U version of the game. Don't let the really loud minority of nitpickers be the voice of the community; the over...
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  • Major issue regarding aim assist on wiimote / state of play

    In case that this post belongs to a topic, that already exists, please move it there and do not delete it. It is very important. I also have to point out, that I am from Germany and my English is not completely perfec...
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