• The PS4 over XB1 that is my final decision, what is yours?

    Hello Gentlemen and Ladies.     Over months of contemplating whether I wanted a console or not, especially the next-generation console(s) that just arrived this season, flip flopping between the two, doing ...
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  • No Ghosts data at callofduty.com

    Why do I get this message after logging into callofduty.com? How can I fix it?   You no Call of Duty: Ghosts data.      Purchase Call of Duty: Ghosts now.   I have purchased on PS3 an...
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  • My opinions as to why COD: Ghosts is the worst so far

    This rant will be separated not by category, but by particular things in the game that don't make any damn sense. So, let's get started.  Let me say this before you get into it. No, I was not saying Black Ops II ...
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  • So i went back to Black Ops 2

    on ps3 of course, when I feel like playing COD.  And let me say, ITS WONDERFUL.  Really shows how big a piece of **** ghosts is.  Happy to say I will NEVER play ghosts again, and I hope you can all join...
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