• Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

    What is going on with CoD Ghosts? I have never seen such a low player count for a CoD game released only 5 months ago. Anyone have a clue?
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  • Quickscoping needs to be removed

    At the start of black ops 2 it was somewhat tolerable. But now nearly everything single game I play from free for all to search and destroy matches are filled with them. The reason I say is because its gotten out of h...
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  • We need Spawns feedback!

    UPDATE: February 10th, 2014   Thanks for all the feedback so far!   We have a different spawn setting in the Core TDM playlist (across platforms). If you have time to check it out, please do, and let us kn...
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  • COD Ghosts [Networking, Matchmaking]

    So something has gone horribly wrong with networking in Ghosts, I was under the impression Ghosts match making was being tweaked to be based on cable length, networking, number of hops etc.   Now I am based in S...
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  • Why Some People Dislike Ghosts

    I think the main reason that you guys are complaining so much is because Ghosts takes more skill than the other call of duty games.   You guys have literally complained about EVERYTHING. The worst part is that y...
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  • Awakening 101 - Starting the Game Guide

    Here's a strategy on how to start off Awakening. Many agree that this strategy is the best, but to each his/her own. Hopefully this helps ya out     How to start Awakening:   DO NOT plant the drill f...
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  • Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   July 1, 2014 &...
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  • Changing the standards; remove small maps and increase lobby size

    33 votes
    Not so much an idea as it is a survey. I'd like for you all to ponder this thoroughly before voting. I'm just asking if you would prefer it to be this way.   Maps like Strikezone, Nuketown, Rust, Shipment, and a...
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  • Call of duty world at war 2

    I am a call of duty original by that I mean I played the very first one on the PC all them years ago Not the Xbox or playstation 2 versions. I would like to see a call of duty world at war 2 come out because that game...
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  • Talking about sniping and about quickscoping

    This is the most conman excuse people use to call a sniper who quickscopes unskilled, it aim assist abuse and auto aim. This 100% nonsense and this is frustrating me people thinking sniping is sad and for noobs, and ...
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  • Dashboarding

    So when is IW ever going to fix the dashboarding? Here's a clue for the losers that do it - No one cares about your worthless stats! It's happened more times today than most. I think some of it was XBL messing up, ...
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  • Buff the MSBS

    High, I'm a decent player in Ghosts. I enjoy using all the different guns in Ghosts. One gun that I can't really have fun using is the MSBS. As many of you know, the gun was heavily nerfed early in the development cyc...
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  • DUMB, OP, and at times RIDICULOUS.

         First off, waste an attachment I don't care. That being said why do people think that the armor-piercing attachment increases your damage against other players? IT DOESN'T! That little green b...
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  • Option to disable stats from lobby

    51 votes
    now, I'm not asking to remove stats, but I don't like the trashtalk or trolling that comes from having stats so easily being seen. my idea - when someone scrolls your name and then scrolls right to read your stats it ...
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  • How do you best find new members to join a Clan

    Im having trouble recruiting new players, outside of the subforum recruitment page is there any other form that works best for others?
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  • Bring back ACR 6.8 from MW3?

    36 votes
    I Was Asking if there was any chance if they can bring back the ACR 6.8 from MW3 it was my Fav weapon!
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  • CoD Ghosts Region Bloked?

    6 votes
    Sup guys, i have a xbox 360 French and i bought a brazilian CoD Ghosts and it says "The region code of this disc is incorrect for this console". from what i know every cod is free region, any 1 can help me? I bought a...
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  • [Clan Battles] Battle of the Beasts (Top 10 Clans)

    4 votes
    I am iRushin and I had this great idea of a new game mode only for hardcore, dead on clans. It has been approved by many, many people and has about 5 thousand likes.      The objective of the game mode...
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  • Blast Shield. Fix it.

    Lately, I've been using blast shield on all my important classes. For some reason, even non DC explosives can STILL 1hitkill me! If explosives can still kill me even when I have blast shield, then blast shield is unre...
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  • Buffing Incog

    I've deleted the poll about nerfing the Thermal Scope. Not because I don't stand by it, but I'd like to focus the attention towards what I was really trying to say.   The Thermal sight is here to stay, I'm well...
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