• So let me get this straight about IED's....

    With the recent "fix" we got you can now jump, crouch AND lay down to lessen the damage from an EXPLOSION.   Let's look at this LOGICALLY.   Player A places an IED on the floor of a building. Player B runs...
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  • CoD: Advanced Warfare - Let The Hype Begin

    The train has left the station and the hype has begun with the latest info on Sledgehammers CoD for 2014   This page has just been released Get Ready for a New Era of Call of Duty®   It has a a blurry ...
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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Creators *Important* (Camping)

    I am writing this to hopefully get the creators attention for one of the major problems in Call of Duty, THE CAMPER'S!!!! Every game of call of duty that I have ever played has had campers in them I'm not talking abou...
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  • Quickscoping

    A lot of people have been telling me the reason why I disagree or dislike quickscoping is because I don't know how to do it, well I have news for you guys I do know how to do it, CoD is probably the easiest game to qs...
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  • Micro Transactions - How They Should Be Done

    I think Activision need to take a long hard look at themselves because their player base is dwindling by the year and micro transactions seem to be increasing by the year which I don't think is a good combo for the lo...
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  • Bizon being nerfed...because MLG

    Twitter / InfinityWard: Thanks for all the feedback! ...   MLG players complained about the Bizon and now it's getting a nerf. Granted I opposed the SMG buff to begin with, but it just goes to show how much power...
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  • DLC weapons now restricted in eSports, but not MTAR-X?

    So I was just going over the 4.22 update and I noticed they finally restricted the DLC weapons. While I can understand restricting something such at the Maverick-A2, I don't understand why they would choose the restri...
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  • Removing Killcam As We Know It

    45 votes
    Killcam as we know does more harm than good. When someone sees killcam there not really gathering an acturate picture of what happened.   Sometimes it shows a lag-influenced version of a death, sometimes it only...
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  • Ghillie camo for snipers V. 4

    13 votes
    It would be nice to have a ghillie camo for snipers like there was in Call of Duty 4 in "all ghillied up" mission. The camo itself could change the color similarly to the ghillie suit itself. It could be unlo...
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  • Who would like to see Grind added to the public playlists?

    53 votes
    Currently Grind is only available as a private match setting , for those who haven't played it it's a cross between kill confirmed, ctf and a dash of dom.   When you get a kill you have to collect the tag and th...
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  • Ghosts has become a Ghost town

    It seems that ghosts got a downfall of players since the last update now there is about 51,801 players in ghosts wich is a very low population for a new Call of Duty. Even in Clan wars ghosts is almost empty so coul...
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  • fix online lag issues

    so i joined a lobby and was getting lagged around the map but will infinity ward or activision sort this, (answer) no because they have already made over 1 billion in sales so its basically F****** ghosts players we...
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  • Thanks for listening to mlg and the general whingers

    Every update moves ghosts one step closer to being a thing of the past for a good percent of people. Leave things alone for gods sake. Who complained about the cbjms? bizon and the squadmate? The squadmate would die ...
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  • Drop Zone Dashboarders

    So many games I've played, where my team is taking a bit of a spanking, the game ends to show 1 or two left on our team. the rest have dashboarded. You guys seeing the same thing?
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  • how about a [Removed By Moderator] LMG nerf

    so how about an lmg nerf i mean they have nerfed the **** out of smgs, how about a nerf to stop the increadably large amount of camping lmgs users and thermal/red dot sight campers.   just a though
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  • Xbox One - $399 with NO Kinect coming June 9th!

    Microsoft has just announced a $399 Xbox One without the Kinect will be coming June 9th. Thought I would share the news for those looking to buy a new console.   I have been holding off on buying a new console ...
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  • Can you turn off DLC in rotation, or delete just map files?

    Hi, first post on here. Guna start by saying I actually enjoy Ghosts, the big(ger) maps, the clan wars are brilliant imo, the DLC maps and most things about the game. Charging for the micro DLC sucks...., and the fact...
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  • I officialy retract my former praise of ghost

    About a month back this game was FINALLY running semi decent for me. I was happy so I praise d the game. Now its back to be a lag ridden disgrace so I formerly retract any praise I have given Ghost. Might be time to ...
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  • Competitive=Can't Adapt?

    I haven’t been on this forum very long, but I’ve noticed that there seems to be a dislike for anyone that plays Call of Duty competitively.  For this thread, I am going to define competitively as a pr...
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  • Why do you play?

    Im wondering, do you guys play Ghosts since its the new Cod, or do you play because its fun? or both:P
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