• IED's... Useful, effective, selfish, or....?

    ***Please Note- This is NOT a discussion about the damage caused by IEDs or their blast radius. Anyone looking for a discussion about Buffing or Nerfing IEDs, please look elsewhere. Thanks!*** The idea for this di...
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  • IED's are OP

    We all thought claymores were bad, IED's are so much worse. No way of knowing their there, no way of getting away from them. IED's need to have some sort of beeping sound that always plays when they are placed on the ...
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  • spawns are still crap

    I havent played ghosts in weeks because of these crappy spawns and this boring pace..the boring pace i can deal with.. so i get back on today and i still spawn in front of enemies and die instantly after i spawn. What...
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  • Hosting Requirements

    For those interested here's the traffic from hosting a 12 man ghosts game   (128 KB/s = 1mbit)   Orange = Downstream Blue = Upstream   Host http://s30.postimg.org/7oyonn63l/image.jpg     ...
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  • How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

    There was a reason why camping wasn't as massive in Black Ops 2 as it is in Ghosts. An attachment or something that allowed people to "Detect lingering heat signatures through walls and objects".  If there were a...
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  • SMG buff. . . I'm done.

    Before I start, no, this isn't a thread about me whining because I keep getting beat, this isn't a thread of me whining because they are not catering to my personal needs.   When I heard about the upcoming SMG b...
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  • Advance Warfare Reveal : Your Thoughts?

    So this reveal is not what I was expecting , Kinda looks as if it's following from the Black Ops 2 theme
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  • Map Control and how too much RnG is a bad thing...

    I've played COD for years... largely with the same group of folks... and without a doubt, the single biggest factor to winning a game is map control.   To control a map, you need a team spread out with no more t...
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  • Only a Game: emotions and COD

    COD   After debating with another forumite, about emotions and gaming it has brought to attention the question: -- Can we (gamers) avoid feeling emotional when playing (COD) or any video game? -- Imagine, ...
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  • New Customization Pack Ideas

    Hi guys.  I have some great ideas for personalization packs for CoD Ghosts, specifically relating to character customization.  These are things that have been lacking, and would fit in great without giving p...
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  • Completing the Squads Mode Experience 2

         Alright, I am just getting off my PS4 needing a break because I was getting absolutely destroyed by the A.I. while playing Squads: Wargame (Veteran), which brings me to my first point... Why i...
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  • The case against the word "camper" part Ghost (IV)

    COD   Lets be brutally honest, when each and every one of us started to play these games (no matter the series) we all, ALL started playing (because we had no idea what to expect) defensively or "campy".   ...
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  • Mtar X nerfed? SERIOUSLY

    I know it's just the headshot multiplier but what the ****? the gun was perfectly balnced as it was. so they not just decide to give all the smg's a buff but nerf the mtar? seriously infinity ward? they always listen ...
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  • Swatting

    Well this is a crazy new trend. Quite worriesome really.   "Swatting," the Hip New Griefing Trend, Sends the Cops to Xbox Live Mod's House
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  • All or nothing DLC policy (inspired by Rankismet and NoLifeKing32)

    32 votes
    The segregation of the community after DLC launches is an issue, especially over the next couple of years with the Xbone and PS4. I don't think you can have a DLC topic without bring up price. After all, money is a hu...
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  • Squads, what it could be?

    Squads, what it could be? Anyone play TitanFall yet? - 4-6 real players per side and a crap load of AI's...... Squad mode could be so similar if they up'ed things.     Like a giant ground war mode, ...
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  • Network Testing?

    So we dont have the dedicated servers we where hoping for and we are left with using p2p hosting again. This is really the main problem with the lag/delay issues in the game. When I play ghosts I use wired connection ...
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  • I am done with this f****** game.

    So I witnessed and experienced the most bull**** moment that has ever happened to me in this game.   On Bay View on SnR at bomb plant B there are some stores off to the left if you are facing towards the ocean o...
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  • Just Why

    Why is it every time cod gets a update one gun gets nerfed and magically another get a sudden damage boost or something or why gun physics are the worst cause i should be able to take a bolt action rifle aim on someon...
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  • HC Chat indicator

    9 votes
    There's no way to tell who's talking in a Hardcore game.   If someone is being annoying, there's no way to know who to mute.   I realize the HC HUD is supposed to be limited, but the chat indicator is not ...
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