• Update is Live

    You will need to back out to the Wii U menu in order to get this update.  Patch notes coming soon.
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  • Wii U dedis maybe confirmed by possible ninja Wii U dev?

    Look at "Hardkode"'s post in this GFAQs thread: Ghosts will have Dedicated Severs on all platforms. - Call of Duty: Ghosts Message Board for Wii U - GameFAQs I think that guy might actually be a Wii U dev. I remembe...
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  • `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

    Now the big mans decided to plug in his pc after spending 7 months porting the game for us, do we have any legit questions we want answering about ghosts on the wiiu, seeing as theres NO info out there whatsoever for ...
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  • Operations Menu Bug - Critical

    Two scenarios that are only problematic with the "First Class Operations" section of Operations:   [1] Multiplayer > Ghosts Online > Operations      * Selecting "First Class Operations...
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  • The definitive bug/glitch tracking thread (FINAL update Dec.22)

    The post is no longer being updated due to me taking an extended leave of absence from the game. -Pwnsweet Bugs/glitch submissions are NOT limited to Wiimote specific issues. A bug/glitch is something in the ...
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  • Support fell faster then BO2 ...

    Last update: 4 weeks ago. Congrats.
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  • Extinction Double XP is Live for Wii U

    Good fortune alien hunters!
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  • @DEV @ATREYU  No game found after 60 minutes!

    Party of two persons. Waited for 1 hour. No hctdm game found. When we individually look for a game we sometimes get a game.   Please fix the faulty game mismatching algoritm.
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  • NO dedicated servers for Wii U

    My bro was just playing a match and got a message "Picking new host...". This basically confirms that dedicated servers are NOT on Wii U (Edit: Not yet anyway. See A_TREY_U's post below)
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  • Our level fastfile is different from the server!

    Whati it means?
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  • The playlist has been updated and downloads will begin...

    i was just in extinction, im pretty sure ive played a few times since updating, and this message popped up and sent me back to the extinction main menu. the next lobby i got into everyone mic'd said they had just gott...
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  • Game Freeze Occurrences Chart (Post Dec 5 Patch)

    Going off of Pwnsweet's idea, as a community we should compile a list of random game freezes and help our devs out. I hope A_Trey_U approves this thought as well. If you can identify almost exact circumstances, messag...
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  • Next Ghosts Wii U Update at Nintendo

    The next Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U update is at Nintendo for approvals. Hoping to release it this week, maybe next. Update notes will be posted when he update itself releases.
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  • Matchmaking problem A_TREY_U

    I'm from south america and since last update i cant find a match in any game mode... The game was fine before the update, i love to play search and rescue and infected, but now i cant... Atreyu can you do something? i...
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  • What happened to the "Dedicated Servers"?

    When is Infinity Ward / Treyarch turning them on for the Wii U Ghosts community? DON'T FORGET ABOUT US!
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  • A_TREY_U Add 9vs9

    Hello, A Trey U First off I'm pretty happy that you guys at Treyarch had been giving us the Nintendo community the best versions that you can probably make considering the less amount of time you guys have to port/ o...
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  • @ A_Trey_U...

    do you want unadulterated feedback and constructive criticism from a long time Call of Duty Veteran?   i would love to set something up with you on WiiU Chat so that we can have a non text based conversation abo...
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  • Dat Spawn Do

    This thread is for posting a pic of a terrible spawn you have spawned at or been killed by. You can show a video or just get a pic of a map layout off the internet and use something like paint on it.   Here's on...
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  • A_Trey_U, question about SnD

    Hi, i i want to know if do you plan an update (similar to xbox 360) to add SnD  in the public playlist and add 6 rounds, 1 min 30 in private match settings ? Thanks you !
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