• Ban The Forum Member Above You.. V.2

    This is part 2 of a thread from a previous CoDHQ.. It's a simple game.. Ban them for something.
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  • Random thoughts thread

    We all have them, so whats on your mind....     Was watching a re-run of NCIS and this just popped in.....
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  • Is quickscoping cheating?

         Some of my friends and a lot of people I meet online say quickscoping is cheating and I argue with them that it isn't. They always get all mad but when i say "Give me a good reason how it is c...
    Ben Pufahl
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  • Loki rebalancing

    17 votes
    I've recently changed up my streaks and am trying for the Loki kills patch.  Like a number of comments I've read, I'm pretty underwhelmed by this streak and consistently get more kills with the helo pilot which s...
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  • The "Fun" Debate or another excuse.

    COD   I wanted to engage what others think on this new complaint about Ghost "Its not fun". I have read a few of these similar things being said, "its not fun".   I have noticed two huge things: No more "...
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  • Flooded Special Field Order

    31 votes
    As the title suggests, this is a pretty basic idea that I just wanted to throw out there. I was playing cod ghosts last night on flooded with a few friends when we suddenly had an awesome idea for field orders. Imagin...
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  • The real problem with camping...

    People don't know how to combat it.   The second a camper sets up shop it's like the whole Goddamn world falls into chaos. No one can knows what to do outside of using lots of swear words and derogatory terms a...
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  • I don't understand the spawns and I doubt I ever will

    Activision and company have consistently proven that they are unable to figure spawns out. It's frustrating as a player that I can't count on my spawn to give me the security and peace of mind that one should expect. ...
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  • How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

    There was a reason why camping wasn't as massive in Black Ops 2 as it is in Ghosts. An attachment or something that allowed people to "Detect lingering heat signatures through walls and objects".  If there were a...
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  • Map Control and how too much RnG is a bad thing...

    I've played COD for years... largely with the same group of folks... and without a doubt, the single biggest factor to winning a game is map control.   To control a map, you need a team spread out with no more t...
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  • Incentive to Prestige

    11 votes
    What if prestiging allowed a .005 percent extra health per prestige?   Come on, you deserve it for all of your hardwork.
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  • Satisfying Moments...

    So, it goes without saying that this game is full of frustrating moments. That guy you just can't seem to kill. Spawning in front of an enemy. Bad Teammates. Insta-kills. You name it, I am sure every one of us has exp...
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  • is anyone dealing with server issues?

    every night i get decent matches but out of nowhere i get swarms of disconnection from the server and its been happening way to frequently and cant get a decent match anymore and the server hasnt been maintained for a...
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  • Has anyone noticed ---

    Curious,   A fellow forumite pointed something out to me that is no longer prevalent in Ghosts:   1- Lack of Quad, triple, Qsping videos of people doing twirls like ballerinas.   Also   2- Lack...
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  • Things that NEED to be fixed for Ghosts Wii U

    - I.E.D need to be fixed - Whiteout Ice glitch - MSBS Power - No more inactive operations - Loadout customization for Extinction - Change the menu music for multiplayer its **** - More guns in the Infected rotat...
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  • Pick your spawn point (Revised)

    41 votes
    I am suggesting this idea because of one major flaw I've been seeing in Ghosts. Constantly spawning on one side of the map despite knowing that it's unsafe is annoying. I bring this up all the time, but Whiteout, even...
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  • Ghosts Criticism Thread

    Please read before posting:   In this thread, the topic is about any features in Ghosts that you didn't find acceptable or balanced.  All of those include in-game balance, connections, game modes, and more....
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  • Aim Assist Perk, Points, or Counter

    2 votes
    Anything that improves your gameplay should enabled through a Perk or Point System.   Aim Assist is a handicap item, so therefor it should be treated as such.   People should aim based on their own skills,...
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  • IED Revamp

    28 votes
    Give them more time to be set up.   Why?  Because they are an easy kill.  You can throw them and they automatically activate on touching the ground.   I think you should have to place the IED on ...
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  • Would you pay to buy costumes/items

    35 votes
    Would you pay to use costumes/items, copyright aside?  Running around in a Homer Simpson Costume, Mikey Mouse, or a Clown...etc. Using water balloons for a grenade, birthcake for IED, and a banan for a throwing ...
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