• Team Flash, and Concussion Grenades Trolls Can this be reported as cheating?

    Had this guy the other day named [Removed by Moderator] on HC Domination team flash and concussion grenade the team until he managed to get himself kicked. He went around shooting team claymores and trophies and grena...
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  • mk48 is overpowered

    a guy was able shoot me and another guy while we were on the rock that leads to the turbine that people clim on to snipe with a mk48 while laying down in his spawn that had a silencer and a reflex sight  on it wi...
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  • Booster Have Taken Over

    I am so fed up with the Boosters in Black Ops 2. Can't play one round of Hardcore Domination without. Been reporting these people since day one and STILL seeing the same people boosting over and over. The reporting sy...
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  • Swarm needs a buff, it was fine before the nerf, what do you think?

    Living in costa rica I usually run low kill streaks because my connection is not the best, but now that I am visiting the US, I finally am getting high kill streaks like vsats, lodestars, and swarms. I am so disappoin...
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  • Change Hardcore

    So I play on hardcore alot.  I mainly play a class that uses lots of explosives.  Now I don't usually go throwing grenades willy nilly, but instead I throw them places where an enemy could be.  The prob...
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  • Probation

    I'm getting probation for every game I play. I thought it was stupid enough to even have probation for leaving a game but even if I finish a game till the end ill get probation now. It says I keep leaving games early ...
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    Hi all,   How many of you do this, run a class that you will kill, or be killed rapidly?   Examples:@   llight weight, extreme conditioning, ballistic knives/akimbo pistols/shotgun   I do, but...
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  • Hard Core team EMP problems!  Frustrating!

    I am so tired of working my way up to a sentry gun only to have my team mates take it out after 3 seconds of it being up with an EMP grenade in hard core mode. It is getting to the point that I have stopped using sent...
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  • dedicated servers on blop2

    I just watched a driftor vid, he says blop2 been running dedicated servers. I think it could be true, I haven't had a host migration in awhile. What do you guys think
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