• Information on Diamond Division and link to sign up

    So if your clan is eligible for Diamond (2 wins in platinum) the sign up page and details are now up.. on the website   check here http://www.callofduty.com/ghosts/features/clans/diamond   What do you guy...
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  • Leaving a Clan with Clan War Patches?

    SO I've been looking around and got a few different answers so I'm confused and need a definite answer. It i am in a clan when we earn a clan war patch (a finishing top 3 patch), do I keep that clan war patch if I lea...
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  • New Clan Wars Achievements

    Apologies if this has been posted somewhere, I've done a couple searches but come across nothing so far..   I've noticed in the clan Wars Achievements section there are now some new ones, Plunder Party Pack, Too...
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  • Who's in charge, Beachhead or Treybeachhead?

    Lately, I've noticed a trend... Tweets from beachhead have been less frequent, and far less timely.  Treybeachhead's tweets, however, have been accurate, and timely.  I've also noticed another strange thing....
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  • Battle royal vulture patch ?

    Has anyone received this patch yet? I still see the typhoon (vulture) patch listed as place in the top three in a future clan war.
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  • Next clan War

    So the next clan war will be - Bronze/Platinum - New York 14th May until 19th May Diamond Division - Bangkok 16th May until 18th May They have also decided to drop Battle Royale for this one and recommend that clan...
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  • Buying  level 25 clan

    As the title reads buying a level 20+ Clan message me here I will msg back with my gamertag for more information, not sure if this is against TOS if so apologies.     XBOX ONLY
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  • Battle Royal Times

    Cest is 8pm - 3am so doea this mean I should be doingvthe same times as DD 7-11pm ...as when converting times GMT is 7-11pm but London is 6-10pm which am I ment to use  grrrr...any help atall more than welcome
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  • Should they recognize clans that have maxed out since MW3?

    It was an answer provided by mwfan55 In another post that reminded me of this and inspired this post. For clans that have stuck together since MW3 hit max level and then in BO2 and maxed that out as well and then to r...
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  • Clan Tags

    Gold and red clan tags are not enough. There is a big difference between a level 11 clan and a level 20 clan or even a level 11 clan that has won 3 clan wars in diamond division, why not integrate clan wars into clan ...
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  • "Diamond Clan tag"

    A Clan that reaches level 11 will be rewarded with gold Clan Tags, and red Tags when it reaches the level of 25, so I suggest to reward a Clan that reaches level 50 with Diamond clan tag. What do you think about that ...
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  • Diamond Division 1ST-4TH WILL GET BODY COUNT

    So on the Beachheadstudios twitter they posted this Twitter / beachheadstudio: All DD participants who placed ... And in the Diamond Division Forum Rules it says Warcry camo for 1-3 so awesome!!! sucks the problems h...
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  • How many will opt out of diamond division now?

    There has been four diamond division clan wars now and if you placed in the top three for all four of them you have unlocked the complete war cry set . For right now there isn't anything else that is diamond exclusive...
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  • no diamond division patch for top 3 finish?

    which patch does the spring clan war unlock?
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    I would like to file an official complaint as follows: As the commander of a very competitive and serious clan (ART of WAR ELITE) this ability for soldiers to invite anyone to join the clan makes my life a nightmare ...
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  • red clan tag meaningless now.

    Since the Clan wars has started rewarding xp to the top 3 clans there has been an increase in clans with red clan tags. I think that the amount that is rewarded in clan wars is too ridiculous. A clan that is lvl 17 ca...
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  • Clan Wars FAQ

    Lots of new information was just released regarding Clan Wars. I figured I'd put it into a FAQ of sorts that we can point people to when they have a question. Here's my summary with a link to the full source at the bo...
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  • How many clan wars have you come 1st in.?

    As the proud leader of We R The DoNz I can gladly say thats 8 straight 1st place wins for us now. How well have your clan been doing?
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  • What does it take to get a reply from Beachhead studio on a tweet?

    This is the place you're supposed to report the clans you think are cheating and anything that you find wrong with clan wars. The last two clan wars I have tweeted continulously but to no end .But I guess there was an...
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  • Clan wars bonus clan xp

    I thought that if you win you would get some clan xp as a bonus but we did not get any does any one know about this
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