• `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

    Now the big mans decided to plug in his pc after spending 7 months porting the game for us, do we have any legit questions we want answering about ghosts on the wiiu, seeing as theres NO info out there whatsoever for ...
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  • QuickScoping being nerfed...your opinion?

    So now  Infinity Ward supposedly remove quickscoping (I don't think they removed it, just made it harder to do). What do you think?   About time, this was one of the most broken mechanics in the game. Scope...
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  • It's like the lag keeps getting worse.

    The more I play the worse it is.  Just instantly dying over and over.  I can go 32-2 and get all my killstreaks.  Next match in the same lobby I'm lucky to break even and that will continue until I find...
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  • As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

    and at the risk of sounding cocky, is pretty good with the wiimote, I notice absolutely no difference after the patch. The snap on is gone for sure, but that barely worked and it's only a crutch for bad players, so wh...
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  • The old DA AA thing

    Its not half as strong as it was in blops2, and im glad. Seems more players are tending to run 2-4 deep, having nerfed aa makes getting multiple kills easier as your not constantly thrown off target everytime multiple...
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  • That Feeling....?

      That feeling where Activision repeatedly  Screws Players over .      Just brought the game specially for the Wii mote as a  Noob on the Wii U I need aim assist now I know you are all s...
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  • Wii-mote racists

    t is just a big joke that you only advertise the Wii-Mote as has been optimized and now take out the Aimassist. We Wiimote player Support and buy since the beginning of the game and that's a slap in the face I'm going...
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  • For those that were wondering!

    The Miiverse is finally up! :O
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  • I have the game and...it has problems.

    I'm a patient guy, I am. I'm also a reasonable guy, but I just don't have the patience when I continually see stupid decision after stupid decision being made by the devs of these games. I just don't. So I'm just gonn...
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  • pay more for less

    So I see that there is no Free Fall map or any kind of perk to pre order it for the Wii U, but at the same time the Wii U version still costs the same as the other consoles. Why is this? We know that DLC will be based...
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  • Guns & Characters

    I have no idea what the game is like so far, I once again can't find proper answers as there seems to be so much mixed feelings.   I was checking some videos, but they weren't really giving me any idea what kind...
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  • which gender are u guys choosing on ghost male or female?

    I might go with the female character instead of the guy one all the time i mean ive seen tons of guys play female characters on monster hunter/i have one too and i dont see any problem playing as a woman soldier unles...
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