• The motivation of ranking up is somewhat diminished in ghosts.

    Its something I didn't realise until I went and played Modern Warfare 3. I went on MW3 this week because a mate who isn't a fan of ghosts asked me too and I was a couple levels off being 80 and I kinda wanted to be le...
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  • Why are the Onslaught maps still not in the standard playlists?

    I have never seen a map pack not in the standard playlists when a COD map back drops...   ... ever.   So why are the new maps still only playable in a DLC playlist?     This is really kinda kooky.
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  • What is the best gun in black ops 2?

    I must ask, what really is the best weapon in black ops 2? Right now I'm leaning towards the PDW, but its capabilities are limited. I play a very sneaky game. But really, what is the total best and dominant gun in the...
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    The dog kill streak in this game is RUINING the experience for me.  The dogs are completely overpowered.  Heres a scenario for you.  I have a Lynx Sniper right WITH Chrome Barrel.  I put TWO rounds...
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  • The 500 squad point soldier aka self

    I suppose I should post a spoiler alert at the start of this message.  However, if you are currently saving up 500 squad points you might want to read this anyways.    About 20 minutes ago I unlocked ...
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  • IED's are OP

    We all thought claymores were bad, IED's are so much worse. No way of knowing their there, no way of getting away from them. IED's need to have some sort of beeping sound that always plays when they are placed on the ...
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  • This is war! Stop admiring your clip of ammo and shoot your damn gun!

    I think it's the SC-2010 that the player actually takes the clip out of the gun to check the ammo. It's one thing to pick up a weapon and rechamber, but to actually to take the clip out?!? The action seems to take for...
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  • The MSBS assault rifle and the I.E.D lethal need nerfing ASAP!

    The MSBS assault rifle is a very OP 3 round burst weapon, I have came into conclusion that each bullet of the MSBS does 50% + damage! There for only 2 bullets of the 3 round burst is enough to kill someone.   Th...
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  • Scavenger was too weakened compared to BO2.

    Scavenger was too weakened compared to BO2, should at least restore the grenades tactics, it would benefit the game tactical and strategic, as the maps are much larger than in the past. What do you think?
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  • Trading ground war for character customization?

    Ground War didn’t make it to current gen due to limited resource space available - Charlie INTEL Blog: Call of Duty Ghos…   Can anyone give me a compelling argument why forcing out one of the more p...
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  • did the old search have the long pause inbetween rounds?

    Had a bit of a go on ghosts today and cant help but wonder did s n d used to have the 15-20second countdown invetween rounds? I've always thought it was straight back in but I may be wrong
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  • Shotguns Overpowered??

    This is not a complaint thread (unusual I know) but I was just playing MW3 and decided to whip out my trusty USAS 12 and felt like sharing my amusement at the Idea that people are actually calling shotguns (R870) over...
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  • Target finder problem. Whe dont need !

    I tried to play some BO2 today, jumped on some lobbyes , but all players using LMG +target finder? whats up guys ? you need glasses ? treyarch needs to do something about this problem , they are just camping in corner...
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  • If you could have bot mode/combat training in only one cod (any) what one would it be?

    I Love bot mode Its fun to vs the bots and just crush them or to try out a new setup of guns and equipment or just use weird and wacky guns all and all very fun mode/feature added to the call of duty franchise.  ...
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  • Quickscoping ban vote here

    Are youtried of being quickscoped at close distance where a SMG should win vote here by replying if you don't want to vote then don't reply it has been too long where the sniper is better at close ranges that type of ...
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  • Parental take on Origins Ending

    OK so first of yes Im old lol with 2 teenagers who got me hooked on zombies. Ive been an avid reader of these forums for about 6 months and was shocked at the response to the ending scene for Origins. I personally thi...
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  • Goodbye Everyone

    Goodbye Everyone I am sorrey to say I am leavening the Call Of Duty Wii U Comunity becuse we don't get DLC or Free Fall but it was fun I be playing on PS4 See Ya
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  • As if Ballistic Vests werent bad enough in MW3

    So after seeing a thread talking about the perks on codghosts.net, I decided to go and see what has been confirmed so far with everything.   Much to my disappointment not only do I see that Ballistic Vests back ...
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  • The KSG is overpowered!!!

    Now before you all start saying " if they nerf the ksg then they better get rid of quickscoping " the ksg is a shotgun, not a sniper. It has crazy range, NEVER gets hitmarkers ( gets less hitmarkers then the ballista ...
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  • What is your favorite weapon to use when you play?

    Hey all! I am just curious as to what weapon is your favorite to use when killing hoards of the undead? Why is it your favorite? Does your favorite differ on each map?
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