• Split-Screen Multiplayer and Co-Op on the PC

    Call of Duty: Ghosts PC version must get the following feature:   Split-Screen Multiplayer Free For All, Team Deathmatch etc. Split-Screen Multiplayer Co-Op Missions, Survival etc.   So far every previous CO...
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  • Ghosts should not show K/D or win/loss stats!

    This has probably been said loads before in relation to BO2, but no harm in repeating the message for the benefit of Ghosts...   To prevent players padding their stats (specifically KD and WL) and actually play t...
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  • How about weapon DLCs for Ghosts in the coming future?

    Hi, I was wondering what people think about having Weapon DLCs as a mini bonus for players to buy at certain times of the years. Maybe 1 new assault rifle,sniper rifle, shotgun, marksman rifle, etc. for $.50-$2.00? Or...
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  • Mouse or Gamepad?

    Would you like full support on the controller on PC or would you stick with your competitive mouse and keyboard setup? , I know I would love to see the full support to controllers, its just what PC need to attract som...
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  • 64 slots

    I have heard that there will be private servers up to 64 slots. Is this true?
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  • Can i run cod ghost probably on pc? And will there be hackers same as mw3? ...

    Hey i just put my specs here im wondering if i can run ghost probably.. Geforce gtx 550 ti (overclocked) i7 (4770k) 3,4 ghz 8GB ram   I can run bf3 and bo2 everything highest settings 60 fps.   And will...
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  • For those having performance issues, give these things a try!

    I have had pretty great performance with this game in MP for a while now. I have helped fix others performance issues as well and figured I would share some of the things I've done to help with your own performance wo...
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  • Ghosts: PC vs Console - Help?!

    Guys! I'm totally, over the top excited for Ghosts. I am counting down the seconds until Ghosts comes out. I have a few questions I need answering to ease my mind though. Here they are! Is there any differences betw...
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  • Any chance of getting Scavenger reworked into it's original state?

    Every video I've seen with someone using scavenger, it's only replenishing ammo. Granted they may have had the perk set up that way for the conferences but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that that's their in...
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  • PC Gamers demand patch notes!

    Treyarch releases patch notes after every patch goes live on this forum and tells us what upcoming fixes we can expect. When we bought this game we bought it on the promise that we would have post launch support. Well...
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  • Concerns about CoD: Ghosts - PC

    Hello fellow forum users. I haven't played a CoD came on PC since CoD4 and was thinking of picking up Ghosts. What concerns me is the PC community has almost disappeared since the CoD4 days. I feel like the problem c...
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  • Quickscoping is back and no dedicated servers

    Looks like activision lied to everyone quickscoping is 100% in ghosts watched my m8 get a quad feed tonight on Dom and also seen host migration. Why would they say there's no QS and dedicated servers ?
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  • Holy knee-jerk reactions Batman!

    This game hasn't even been out a full day and look at all these threads, it depresses me how many of my fellow gamers can be so impatient and ignorant, especially PC gamers! The game has been out less than 24 hours fo...
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  • which gender are u guys choosing on ghost male or female?

    I might go with the female character instead of the guy one all the time i mean ive seen tons of guys play female characters on monster hunter/i have one too and i dont see any problem playing as a woman soldier unles...
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  • For those getting Ghosts, post your Steam IDs here

    Hey all, I know one of these pops up pretty much every year pre-release for every platform, so let's have another go at it. If you're getting Ghosts post your Steam ID here, along with which COD games you play at the ...
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  • What Graphical Improvements?

    Words like improved "Subdivision," and "real time lighting" are thrown around as a means to justify what Activision is calling a "new and improved" Call of Duty Experience. Okay, you don't need to be a game designer t...
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  • You drop too fast on Ghost..

    You have no time to respond to getting shot, what so ever... It's a HC Core match.
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  • The same old argument….

    I'm looking forward to Ghosts because I really enjoy Infinity Wards COD versions versus Treyarch. I've played every multiplayer of COD from Modern Warfare through BO2 and went ahead and maxed Prestiged every game. I'm...
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  • What's your Top 4 Perks Gonna be in Ghosts???

    OK so by now everyone’s seen all the trailers and hundreds of YouTube vids explaining how the new perk system works. So let’s have a friendly debate on which one’s you think will be your top 4 and a ...
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