• Cod ghosts has the worst MP - Complaint

    In my opinion, Infinity ward screwed up the entire Call of duty franchise. They wanted to "improve" the multiplayer from Call of duty. Well, you know what Infinity ward? You did the opposite. You made the camper world...
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  • CoD Ghosts: Bad Hype

    Sucks seeing all of this negative stuff about Ghosts and how people are not enjoying it, I feel that it has some thing to do with not being fully involved in the game and understanding the reasoning behind some things...
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  • Post Your Funny COD Moments Here

    After seeing all the negativity day in and day out on this forum of people mainly just complaining about being killed, I thought I would start a thread where people could come in and post their funny moments in COD Mu...
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  • getting accused of cheating on this black ops

    ok so this is the problem im having. so when u play black ops 2 everyday u become a lot better,  u can react better,  u can see people better and u get to know where people will be on each map and where to ...
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  • Quickscoping needs to be removed

    At the start of black ops 2 it was somewhat tolerable. But now nearly everything single game I play from free for all to search and destroy matches are filled with them. The reason I say is because its gotten out of h...
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  • Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

    Just bought the game after a COD sabatical...   I notice that nothing has been done about quickscoping again, so I assume that the child dollar is still the defining factor...   Is there a Sniper free play...
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  • Unofficially Official Hardcore Discussion Thread

    ... and zero Search playlists. Neither Search and Destroy nor Search and Rescue made it.   Wow.   Here's what the HC community gets:   Cranked TDM Domination Kill Confirmed   For some reason...
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  • What are the "crutch" aspects of the game (in terms of perks, weapons, etc).

    Here's my list:   Danger Close Amplify Dead Eye C4 (when combined with riot shields and danger close) IEDs   If these were removed or nerfed to hell, then I'd be A LOT happier   ~RUGGED SAVIOR
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    The dog kill streak in this game is RUINING the experience for me.  The dogs are completely overpowered.  Heres a scenario for you.  I have a Lynx Sniper right WITH Chrome Barrel.  I put TWO rounds...
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  • Reporting Host Booters

    I'm not complaining about the game or how it plays, but what I am complaining about is getting hit offline in league play. Is there anywhere, sites or forums that I can report people for host booting? It's honestly fr...
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  • How bad is your lag compensation?

    I am wondering if you guys are getting crazy lag compensation like I am.  I'll shoot half a clip into a chest and die, watch the kill cam and see myself die before I even get a bullet off and the player is NO WHE...
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  • Player movement in the ghillie suit...

    First off, this is personal observation and my opinion. On both X360 and X1, people that I find in the ghillie suit are moving... odd.   They seem to move faster. Their weapon seems to ready up faster. They fl...
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  • Is a KSG similar to sniper quickscoping

    I just took the KSG for a run and was pleasantly surprised but what I want to know what's the difference between it and quickscoping with a sniper. Is it  competitive against good quickscopers if you have two sim...
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  • Ghosts suffers from the worst thing possible.

    I have been playing Ghosts since its release and overall I have had some fun with it. Lately though, I have found myself not really too enthused to play it and have been playing MW3, Black Ops and Black Ops 2 instead....
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  • How do I play a old DLC (just those maps)?

    I just bought the Uprising DLC map pack for xbox and I don't know where to go to play those maps! PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Snipers

           Why are Devs trying to end quickscoping? I know alot of people complain about it (usually nerds using ak-12). But when someone hard scopes they then complain saying you're "bad" or...
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  • Riot shield C4 combo

    hey all normally Im not one to complain or ask for tweakings or nerfings. I usually find a way to deal with whatever it is. And Im not going to ask for such here. What I would like is to discuss riot shields with C4....
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  • NAT went from open to moderate

    Any ideas why this would happen? My NAT is always "open" when I get on ghosts until earlier today. I've done nothing to my internet connection and its showing as "moderate" now when I go in game.   Just curious ...
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  • What happend to the good old days of cod

    Once upon a time there were loyal cod fans who actually used stealth knowledge and skill.   Even back in mw2 with tubes, javelen, scavenger, it was still fun despite people getting upset. years of winging has ca...
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  • Went back and played Black Ops 2

    I woke up this morning, and since I am on a 150 win streak on Ghosts I decided to go play some BOPS2 until my friends get online. I don't see how everyone says it's a better game then Ghosts. In my personal opinion, B...
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