• How clan nd clan wars works?

    How to use clan wars, how accept clan wars and can play that?:o what is it? how i earn xp to my clan? I played today clans obctive or something like that and doesnt get any xp to my clan, I make it yesterday nd im onl...
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  • When is next Clan Wars?

    When is next clan wars on ps3?
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  • Clan Edits

    Please help! I made a clan and I don't have a phone so is there any other way to edit the clan?
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  • What happened to clan team deathmatch

    can anyone tell me what happened with clan team deathmatch is it a thing of a the past or a mess up kinda confused here
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  • Call of duty world at war 2

    I am a call of duty original by that I mean I played the very first one on the PC all them years ago Not the Xbox or playstation 2 versions. I would like to see a call of duty world at war 2 come out because that game...
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  • Clan Wars Division Promotions and Demotions

    I have been looking for the official rules for clans to be promoted between divisions. Is it as simple as win and you are in? Or is there more to it? And can clans be demoted when they are getting their butts kicked? ...
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  • Summer Schedule for Clan Wars Announced

    They just posted the summer schedule for clan wars in the news section of the mobile app. You can view it in your browser using the following link: http://www.codcp.com/CODNews/   To see the schedule in your loc...
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  • What do you miss due to not having a COD site like Elite had?

    Or put another way, what do you wish the COD app would provide?   So, what are some of the top items you miss from not having the website version of their app this year? I was highly disappointed by this and I d...
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  • Greenland clan wars ended 8 hours early?

    Is it normal for clan wars to end 8 hours before its supposed to? My clan was in in second place yesterday because a lot of us have been unable to connect to pc servers this weekend, we planned on making a come back i...
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  • COD News

    The only way to access the COD news that is in the Mobile App was from within the app. There was no way to link to it and show it here on the forums when we are referring to it and discussing it. Well, I have it integ...
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  • Jump From Gold to Platinum/ Clan Wars Strategy

    Started a new clan with a few friends I know IRL, and just wanted to know what peoples opinions where on a few things I have.   I also know the jump from Platinum to Diamond is winning to Clan Wars in Platinum t...
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  • Clan War Feedback

    Here's my feedback on the Clan Wars so far with some of my ideas/concepts of what I think would help with this.   Scoring Scoring is a bit confusing to those who have not read the rules (not very self explanato...
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  • Placeholder "Ghosts" clan in Clan Wars

    In our clan war we have a clan called "Ghosts" and they haven't earned a single win at all yet. Take a look at our current clan war and notice the clan named Ghosts - http://www.codcp.com/c/1000/ClanWars/21/   A...
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  • Clan Issues and Fixes

    Below is a common list of questions/issues that people are having with Clans for Ghosts and if known the information on how to fix it. I will add more issues/fixes as we find them. Feel free to link people to this thr...
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  • Next Clan Wars details: Shanghai and Greenland

    NOTE!  This has changed.  Scroll Down to see updated info More details on the next clan wars are now available in the COD app. (quoted from app): " Call of Duty® Clan Wars: Shanghai and GreenlandMonday...
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  • Simple Clan Tag question ? ....

    Ok its quite simple i have a small clan couple of m8s i am commander (thats what it says im not tryin 2 be clever) i have the app - paired with everything from COD to the bathroom sink ,NASA & downing street. ...
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  • Looking ahead...4th of July.

    Looks like the next Clan Wars after this week would fall on 4th of July weekend. So it looks like we will have to wait 3 weeks for the next Clan Wars after this week. Just a FYI to those that schedule time off for Cla...
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  • Greenland/Shanghai reversed in app?

    Top of the afternoon gamers, Noticed something weird in app and just wanted to get dome feedback. I'm in DD and opted in again for this war but everytime i open clan wars tab in app it shows Greenland as current cam...
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  • How do i build my clan?

    I'Ve had a clan for a while now and i want to rank it up but i have only 9 others in it but most of them are from Australia and i live in The US so im never able to play with them. can anyone give me tips on how to ge...
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  • Android App Update 06.06.2014.

    Just a FYI. The Android App has a update out.
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