• Need a ps3 sniping clan!!!!

    Hey everyone!   I am looking for a ps3 SNIPING clan for black ops 2 and maybe mw3.   Stats:   I am a legit prestige master. I have diamond snipers. I play SND and domination a lot, but really I don...
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  • looking for clan (ps3)

    im looking for a laid back chill clan,im 1.60 kdr,1.12 w/l and 208 spm,spm is till going up,im prestige 10,im 22 years old and have a mic and im very active,if interested reply on here
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  • I'm the newest free agent :P

    TheBorrowedTime Is A Freeman Hi i'm TheBorrowedTime and i'm a Golden God But even me the Goldest of Golden Gods needs a clan. I was the former leader of TheNewAgeOutlaws so when it comes to clans I know how they...
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  • Who wants me in their clan? (PS3)

    Does anybody want me in their clan. I really don't mind what clan I'm in as long as I'm in one. I am Prestige 2, I get at least 20 every game. Anyone wanna take a chance? I Don't have a high K/D, but I do get a lot of...
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  • looking for a ps3 blackops2 clan

    I am looking to join a clan in blackops2 i have a headset and my k/d is only 1.00
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  • N1NJA ASSASSINS now recruiting anyone to join our clan

    My friend Luke and I have created a PS3 black ops 2 clan and we are experienced players who want to have fun and meet new people on our favourite game, if you're interested in joining the clan, add us as friends on PS...
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