• Frustrating issue

    I see that the game is still being modified by you guys (updates etc) for  rather menial things.  I've come to request that you reinstate the Hardcore Free for all game mode in Black Ops 2.  Now, I'm a ...
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  • Zombie sound with full on headphones

    I bought some new headphones to play zombies with but the problem is these go over "both" ears.  However, the only thing you hear through the headphones are "other people" talking.  The actual sound of zombi...
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  • Just had one of those games

    I just had an awesome game today. I got #1 in  free for all. Yeah I know some of you guys will say big deal. But this is my first and thats playing MW3 to prestige and Ghosts to prestige. I normally average 15 ki...
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  • Need help with Nuclear Killer calling card! PLEASE HELP!

    OK. What is the best class to use to get the nuclear killer? what is the best gamemode, map to get it on? Also, which is the best gun, attachments, perks, wildcard, grenades, ect. I really want this calling card BADLY...
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  • Why I feel Blops 2 is better then Ghost

    1. Connection. At least for me my connection on Black Ops 2 has always been great. On Ghost so far it has been abysmal with no best connection option or ping bars to help the matter.   2. Anti camping game desig...
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  • Total noob, where do I start?

    I dream of becoming a pro gamer. If not for a serious job, maybe just a hobby! I have been playing COD games since the summer of 2010 and don't find myself as experienced as I should be with over three years of practi...
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  • How Many Players Online?

    Can anybody who has either BO2 or Ghosts tell me how many players are online on an average night? I'm thinking about buying one of the two back but I'm wondering how many people are playing each game. Thanks!
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  • If Anyone at Treyarch still Listens...

    OK nobody of any authority would realistically read this but hey what is there to lose? I am here on an appeal to have Hardcore Free-for-All reinstated into the game. I prefer hardcore gametypes and if I'm playing on ...
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  • Pistols, why do people rage so much?

    Ok, I find myself in lobbies of quickscopers, Lmg target finders, and guess what? my two pistols offends them? Good grief, get a life. You campers, you cheaters, should bow down to the risk us pistoliers take! It's li...
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  • Seriously, fix the spawns!

    I don't understand this sometimes. It feels like the spawns are being meddled with constantly.   Until about a month ago the spawns were absolutely fine. Then suddenly, a 'game settings' whatsit occurred. From t...
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  • Can Someone Please Remind Me Why This Hasn't Happened Yet?!

    Why is it that you can't opt to play a 2/3 player game in zombies? You've given us leaderboards for 2 and 3 player games, Why can't you make an option to go into games in those party sizes? There's clearly already pro...
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