• Unofficially Official Hardcore Discussion Thread

    ... and zero Search playlists. Neither Search and Destroy nor Search and Rescue made it.   Wow.   Here's what the HC community gets:   Cranked TDM Domination Kill Confirmed   For some reason...
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  • more Hardcore game modes please!

    I know most people don't play hardcore. but there is still a sizeable hardcore community out there, which I believe would grow if the game type options were available. in core mode your swamped with camping snipers us...
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  • When will Ghosts be available for download on the 360?

    I'm just curious when COD Ghosts will be available for download through the Xbox Live Marketplace. I would love to download it at midnight so I can play with my friends. I have had 3 Xboxes and all of the disc readers...
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