• Points

    Are people just asking questions to gain points and badges.
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  • Wolfenstein: The New Order, anyone??

    I just saw a trailer for the game Wolfenstein: The New Order and was wondering if anyone has seen it and what they thought about it and also if anyone has any info about it. I played the original games back in the 90s...
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  • Mikhail Kalishnikov: Hat's Off

    I may get flamed for this, but I'm going to say it anyway.   Yup. I said it and I mean it. Yes, he was a commie. Yes, he designed a gun that has been responsible for the deaths of millions of people. Many of tho...
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  • Who's in college?

    Just wondering how many of you are college students. I'm currently finishing my last semester and graduate in the winter.
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  • Merry Christmas!

    As it is now past midnight Australian Eastern Standard Time & therefore the 25th of December...   Merry Christmas ladies & gentlemen!  
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  • Im Back guys.

    Ok I was never gone but after spending some time on the other less relevant forums today I need me some good ol' OT time.  Hit me with your best................... if your not askeered?
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  • Why is the OT so active lately?

    I've never seen it like this, new posts every hour instead of every 6 hours. Feels very strange to me.
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  • What other games are you playing right now apart from COD

    I am playing Gran Turismo 6, 15 years and 6 titles, still as polished and good as ever.. Great tribute to Ayrton Senna in the intro  
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  • We need CTF back ASAP

    Blitz is ok but its no ctf! The stratagie and team work it takes to grab the flag and escorted back to your side is the best. Today I saw you guys added regular SND but no regular CTF. TF is up with that! Please give...
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  • Mods any idea why the word "foot ball" spelled correctly blocks a post from saving?

    I finally figured out that word was blocking my post from saving in an earlier thread.  Makes no sense.  Cant post the thread title with it spelled correctly either.  For some reason the filter blocks it.
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  • The Call of Duty 'Quiz'.

    (In your opinion!)    Had the best campaign/story line?Had the best multi-player experience?Had the most noobish gun?Had the most liked character?Had the most dis-liked character?Had you pre-order the earlie...
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  • how would you feel if a regular forumer died?

    what would you feel? and has it ever happened?
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  • I feel like I'm being punished for buying a Xbox One.

    These are some of the reasons that I feel that I should have stuck with my Xbox 360.(Now just so people understand, these are things that will hopefully be fixed by updates and just time, but are annoying in the begin...
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  • I think this might void the warranty..

    Not for the faint hearted or people eagerly awaiting delivery of their PS4..
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  • Soap vs. Mason

    Who would win in a fight?   John "Soap" Mactavish or Alex Mason?
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  • Possible Ghost 2?

    Finally coming to my senses and finishing the campaign of Ghosts seemed to have it end as if Infinity Ward will be starting up a new series much life Modern Warfare. I'd personally like to know why do they continue th...
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  • Types of COD Trolls

    Ok harsh for my first post but oh so true I haven’t played Call of Duty very long (about a year cause its what we had on deployment) but I can tell you there are trolls unique to this game most of us in fact are...
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  • Castle V6.0.0

    Well, here we are again. The start of another call of duty forum. You'd think it would be easier if they just used the same forum and then just added sections for new games? Well, what do I know, not like I've ever ad...
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  • Gamertags, How did you pick or get yours

    I have had mine since the the old arcade days back in the early 80's. Its the name of my favorite member of the X-Men and the year i was born..    
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  • SMG/AR Balance way off...

    After playing Blops2 for a year with it's super-fast-paced, action-packed playstyle (especially competitive games), I have been used to playing in an aggressive, run and gun style. Now whilst this worked on Black Ops ...
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