• Quickscoping needs to be removed

    At the start of black ops 2 it was somewhat tolerable. But now nearly everything single game I play from free for all to search and destroy matches are filled with them. The reason I say is because its gotten out of h...
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  • Who wants the weapons nerfed?

    Who wants the weapons nerfed?   Think about it bad players camp because they know that they will die quickly. all the weapons in COD ghosts are OP + improved hit detection which will make players camp harder. ...
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  • Quickscoping - a simple solution

    I apologise if this has already been suggested, but I don't really come on to forums and tbh can't be bothered to wade through the arguments & counter arguments to quickscoping.   The solution is simple.&nbs...
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  • QuickScoping being nerfed...your opinion?

    So now  Infinity Ward supposedly remove quickscoping (I don't think they removed it, just made it harder to do). What do you think?   About time, this was one of the most broken mechanics in the game. Scope...
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  • K.E.M Strikes in Care Packages

    Do any of you think that it is really stupid that you can get a KEM in a carepackage? Yesterday when I was playing DOM I was the victim of 4 KEM strikes, and not ONE of then was a legit 25 killstreak. I think its stup...
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  • Whats up with the horrible weapon balancing?

    Am I the only one who thinks the AR's are WAY OP? I usually play as a sniper, and multiple times I would get a hitmarker on someone halfway across the map and he'd just turn around and kill me instantly with his AR! T...
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  • Quick Scoping

    anyone else feel that quick scoping aim assist is well overpowered im getting shot by bullets that are no where near me. its like snipers have the secret wanted perk able to curve bullets
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  • What do you think about sniping?

    What do you guys think about the sniping in Ghost? I think its perfect, its not nearly as OP as BO2, and its not broken like it was in BO1. I have tried quickscoping and i can safely say that it is VERY hard to do suc...
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  • Quickscoping

         I've been wondering how quickscoping is going to work in Call Of Duty Ghosts. I know its defiantly going to be possible because its nearly impossible to take something that big out of a game, ...
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  • Trickshotting

    Looking for trickshotters that can do 6 mans GT: Rebel Infamy
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  • Quickscoping ban vote here

    Are youtried of being quickscoped at close distance where a SMG should win vote here by replying if you don't want to vote then don't reply it has been too long where the sniper is better at close ranges that type of ...
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  • I can't wait till the quickscopers are gone...

    Black ops 2 is out of control with these quick scoping clans. I hope ghosts really does turn out like black ops 1 for sniping...make it actually difficult and let the kids cry hahahaha
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  • Will there be gold guns?

    Hi, I was wondering if there is going to be gold guns in ghosts, please reply
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  • Why did you patch the snipers ? pls read

    Hi, my name is Lorenzo and i'm a sniper player. I'm back and i just saw that the dsr as been patched. Most of the youtubers (more than 100k subs) think that CoD is known for his sniper community. By doing that patch, ...
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  • Can't tell if Quick Scoping is in Ghost or not?

    Don't mine the guy's voice. Course I didn't, but what are your thoughts on QS in ghost?
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  • Buff the LMG,s

    If A sniper can perform lightning fast up close and kill with 1 shot then its only fair that the other long range class the LMG should be able to swing into action as fast as a sniper in close instead of being slow an...
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  • What's OP?

    What do you think will be the most op thing in Ghosts? Personally i think the Streaks will be most op
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  • Please stop all the nerfing

    I think BO2 was almost perfect when it was first released in terms of weapons. Now in BO2 all the guns were nerfed FAR too much! The smgs were very good weapons BEFORE the nerf, now i find myself getting 5 hitmarkers ...
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  • Lagging with 3 or 4 bars?

    I dont know if im the only 1 who has this problem, but i will lag like crazy even though i have 3 bars. Im a sniper and when i shoot at someone, literly 2 seconds later i will get the kill even though im 3 baring. Als...
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  • How Infinity Ward should deal with Quickscopers.

    Honestly QS'ing has become a part of the game, even though it started out as an exploit of the game engine. BUT I think it is WAY to easy to do. The way they should fix it is they should just take out the aim assist f...
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