• any tips from master prestigers i want to get really good at cod

    i realize i have been losing alot and not ranking up as fast alot of people recommended some tips for me but to me it seems that they are easier said than done i have been playing cod for about 6 months now bo2 was my...
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  • cheaters, boosters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think this really needs urgent attention. I personally think there should be a lenghty ban from playing to anyone who cheats and boosts. i have been in loads of games and the person on our team is cheating with anot...
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    What is your Favorite Shotgun?
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  • Enough is ENOUGH

    How can players that are hacking getting worse instead of better?  9 out of 10 games I've joined in the last week have had people hacking.  Hacks where no matter how many rounds you put into someone they don...
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  • I have problems with the call of duty: black ops 2

    I'm new here, I subscribe to figure out the problem that I have, you are not English, I used google translator because all that is here is in English. I have a friend who has a heart and has several video game call o...
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  • Check this out

    I'm not even that good.
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  • Still not a debate - The CORE challenge

      There have been a few threads over the years about HC vs Core and which is easier.  My philosophy is neither is easier/harder: Adjust and Adapt, and use the tools (or the lack of) to play differently to y...
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  • connection help

    i run mainly a three bar connection and i have not noticed and issues where i get lagged out of a match. Recently it keeps saying migrating host, I go back to main menu and I end up having to find another match. If an...
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  • Rank Up help

    well currently I'm prestige 10 lvl 51 getting that last 230000 xp is taking soo long is there an easy and fast way i can get to master prestige the help will be much appreciated.
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  • Nuclear Killer Title

    So I'm trying to get my first nuclear in Black Ops 2, but the problem is either I die from bs (ie spawns) or the game ends because my teammates like to cap the hardpoint/triple cap the dom flags, etc. I always try to ...
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  • im just better with black ops!?

    Ive been trying to get used to ghosts multiplayer game play, but I couldn't stand losing gun fight after gun fight!  I thought it could be that I just had thumb surgery,  but I hopped on and im winning my gu...
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  • I think I met Hackers

    well i was playing yesterday and i got a game invite to a match from a guy named xxGOD_MODSxx something like that (first clue). when the match started on nuke town an FAL was floating in the middle of the map and my ...
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  • Solo Nuke. Please help.

    I'm going for a solo nuclear medal because I usually play solo and have no reliable friends to help. I have never attempted to go for a nuclear before and I am not sure where to start. I'm 10th Prestige so my master p...
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  • Not played in a while. Is quickscoping still viable in bo2?

    BBeen playing on ghosts but was thinking of playing black ops again what is quickscoping like now?
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  • Riot shield + Radar + C4 = Cheap tactics

    I am so tired of these scrubs running this class, grab a gun and learn how to aim... seriously, it just takes the fun out of the game. The reason I like GHOST is, there is more gun fights and less kill streaks... well...
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  • Update to 1.15 error 80710736 and 800233ef

    Hi, i just got BO2 the 1st of jan 2014 and i need to update it to 1.15 but every time i download it error 80710736 or 800233ef will pop-up. I've try the DNS and all that stuff nothing work. I have a ORANGE modem ( ...
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  • Fix this game.

    You guys need to fix this game it is horrible for multiplayer. I can't count how many time you respond on top of bad guy I can't even step I am dead. The map make to easy for sniper their hardly any cover. Your perks ...
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  • Split screen issue!

    Ok so my kids and myself have been playing BO2 since xmas, and split screen for when 3 of use play survival etc was 1+2 got quarter screen, and the 3rd(me) got half screen! I have no idea what happened but the split s...
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  • DMRs in treyarc games!?

    I love the idea of the designated marksman rifles in cod games. In waw my best class setup was probably the silenced carbine, which I think functioned like a dmr!?  Anyways, since marksman rifles are intended for...
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  • Prestige Master

    Well my road to prestige master is almost over.I'm prestige 10 lvl 24 right now and i just wanna get it over with in a day because I joined a new clan and i wanna finish off my old account. any tips to prestige in a day.
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