• Ban The Forum Member Above You.. V.2

    This is part 2 of a thread from a previous CoDHQ.. It's a simple game.. Ban them for something.
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  • Random thoughts thread

    We all have them, so whats on your mind....     Was watching a re-run of NCIS and this just popped in.....
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  • *****official monumental points thread*****

    I took the tip of JeepChick to my heart so here it is.   To post when you achieve a monumental points point.   The benchmark will be 100 points.   When getting a badge or something you don't need to ...
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  • what's the minimum internet speed to play this online?

    im gonna have to get the economy plus internet from comcast (3mbps) to save money. i have no clue how slow the wireless connection is gonna be but, whats the minimum speed to play this game online? i like playing game...
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  • PS3 Call of Duty Ghosts graphics are awful for some reason

    Don't mistake the title, I'm not saying THE graphics are bad for everyone, just that for some reason it looks like PS2 graphics on my TV/PS3. I recently played quite a few games on my PS3 including GTA V, Beyond Two S...
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  • Favorite TV commercial

    I know the vast majority of them a terribly annoying, but there have been a few gems over the years..   This gets my vote     What are yours???
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  • Camping IS ruining this game......

    Boy I never thought I would be the creator of a thread titled as such.  I have been a part of these forums for a long time and defended camping for the most part but it has gotten out of hand.  I apologize t...
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  • Who is the greatest band or singer of all time?

    Figured this is a better discussion then debating which "weirdo" is top of pop.  Will be interesting to see which of the "greatest" overlap from across the water.  Plus I am very curious what music the OT fo...
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  • KEM strike issues?

    Earlier today i went on a nasty 35 kill steak on Overlord TDM. The end score was for me was 48-2. I checked my highest streak in Ghosts so far and it has gone up from a 14 to a 27. I couldn't figure out why i didnt ge...
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  • Movies to see before you die..

    What movies do you consider as "must see" before you die? These would be a few of my recomendations.   The Godfather. Goodfellas Casino Things to do in Denver when you're dead Alien Shindlers List The usu...
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  • Best Movie Bad Guys/Villans.

    Who do you think are the best movie bad guys, not actors, but characters..   Here are some of mine..   ......... ...   Who are yours??
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  • Favorite old tv shows

    What are your favorite old tv shows, i used to love these back in the day   ..
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  • Hard Drive Install Option for PS3 Call of Duty:Ghosts

    Time once again to remind the Dev's that PS3 users need an install option for Ghosts.  I've been involved in COD forum threads trying to get hard drive installs for PS3 COD since MW2.   During COD XP Sept. ...
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  • Who has the TV answer I'm looking for?

    I'm in the marketplace for a new TV. After getting a headache of searching for what I'm looking for, I've come here for help. I'm very hesitant to make this decision on my own.   Its my living room TV so there a...
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  • Only teh OT will appreciate this as much as I did.

      Now this is what I call 1337 gameplay here fellas haaaa.  Dam my level of jealousy watching this was of epic proportions.  This game used to drive me straight through the roof.   How many dents...
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  • Can anyone tell me a good perk selection which includes Deadeye and Hardline for the Ak-12

    Thanks for all your help
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  • Have you gone back to playing on the PS3?

    I find the quality between the two titles to be incredibly different. The PS4 is hands down better, no arguing this in the least. The only downside to next gen is that not all of my friends are playing on it.
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  • Is it possible to get a KEM strike using Assault Killstreak, such as the Battle Hind and the Helo Scout

    Havent seen ppl use these to get a KEM so i was just wondering if the kills obtained count toward your KEM strike
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  • Wow guys check this out.

    I know its pres. and a lot of people dont like him but check this video out and explain to me wtf is going on.  Havent seem spawn killing like this since demo games last year and had yet to see it on ghosts.  
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  • Maybe you just aren't as good as you think....... warning long winded rant.

    I have played these games for years and the amount of hours played should lead to far above average play.  I have adjusted and tried everything to improve.  I have watched guys on my FL's gameplay via theate...
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