• Cod Ghost Wii U DLC

    How come we still dont have the dlc (Onslaught) for COD Ghost Wii U wen its already available on others competitor hardware, im wondering how can you expect to make better sell over wii u version wen you sell it at 60...
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  • Reasoning?

    Is there a reason why this game is made and sold for the same as other platforms but yet neglected beyond reason? Say I bought this game for Xbox, Playstation, or PC. I chose not to buy any of the DLC, would I still r...
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  • The one thing you want in the game badly.

    Mine is simple, unlimited sprinting! FOR KNIFING!
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  • Heading back to Black Ops

    I ordered Black ops a few days ago and it should be here soon. I don't know why but I honestly miss the Wii graphics, and can't wait to play. Another thing I miss about the Wii was the Wiimote; for some reason it seem...
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  • Living or Ghosts?

    I haven't posted on here in a while. Not many people have. But I do still check to see if anything's new every few days. Today, I'm posting to hopefully give us something more to talk about.   I don't know about...
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  • So, BO2, WiiU. Your experience?

    So it seems this forum is dying and there's little else to say. So I thought I would ask, what was your experience of the game, multiplayer in particular. Anything and everything about it, weapon balance, kill/death s...
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    New Features A Quick Start Menu is now displayed when users press the GamePad POWER Button or HOME Button to power on the Wii UUsers can start recently played or newly installed software directly from the Quick Start...
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  • I create a perfect FPS game control scheme for Wii remote

    Hi , I'm from Taiwan.   I think this will end the war of 「controller and mouse keyboard which one is better for shooting game ? 」 .     My English skill is bad , but I try to translate to English, i...
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    Does COD ghosts need a online pass for any of the consoles. I'm not talking about the season pass
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  • Game Mode Request: Lobbies with NO LAG COMPENSATION

    Reading over these posts for the last few months I see that most complaints are composed of phrases like: "they are shooting around corners," "lost gun battle to SMG using my rifle/assault," "invisible players kill m...
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  • Wii internet service shuts down tomorrow...

    Hopefully we'll get some more players.  Maybe some GE guys will flock over.  Maybe some of those stuck on Wii will finally upgrade.  We might get like two Conduit 2 players.  Those people are obses...
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  • Ghosts server is not available at this time

    Please help me. Nobody gives me support. My game shows "ghosts server is not available at this time" for several days .. If not go back to work, I want my money back. Steam ID: jeanrith
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  • Ghosts is becoming unstable on Playstation

    I've noticed as time has passed that the Playstation, particularly the PS4, is becoming unstable and prone to complete freezes and massive frame rate issues. I'll play a game that's perfectly fine and then I'll start ...
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  • WTF just happened??

    I Froze out of a TDM match, then rebooted and got this message: "your data is corrupt, or didnt download properly. you must reset your rank and unlocks to continue"   what the hell is this?  You guys have b...
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  • i got hacked

    idk how but i think some1 hackedm e   he said he was goin to "hop me acount" and i was like wtf does that mean but then i got kick off line and when i cam bakc on i had ben reset but my clases said "u got hopped...
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  • Is the grass greener on WII U

    Funny thing about Ghost and COD on general  o the 360 compared to WII U is I hate some of the features on 360 that aren't really on WII U. I hate Free fall but I don't know if you guys got that or not. I hate wh...
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  • Just spent an hour troubleshooting my headset.

    The mic wouldn't work.  I had the mute switch turned on.  Facepalm. 
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  • So what do you hope to see changed/improved in Advanced Warfare?

    I'm just assuming we are getting it for the sake of this topic.  What would you like to see?  A list of things you would like to have changed or something new they might do.  Here's mine.   1.&nbs...
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  • why do wiimote players take extra damage?

    an honest question, its happening time and time again.not just me. watched my girlfriend put 4 rounds into a wiimote user with mr28, a 3 hit kill gun, at close range and she looked puzzled, even said "i stopped shooti...
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  • VG 24/7 confirms High Moon Studios developing COD: AW for Wii U

    Just one website reporting this currently, so take it with a huge grain of salt.   Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare last-gen ports coming via Transformers dev | VG247   I call bull right now because Treyarch...
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