• Cod ghost Multiplayer Problem

    I've got a problem with my cod ghost , i used to play this cod ghost in 4GB RAM is it this game will be lag in the begining of the game then i will have no lag/stucks , I already put the resolution to the lowest but s...
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  • Censorship going around the forums.

    Why are there multiple posts being deleted and edited that are NOT breaking the forum's Code of Conduct?   I know that disputes about moderator actions should be handled via a personal message but this is not ab...
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  • Snoop Dogg in Call of Duty.....

    I thought this was a late April fools joke, but apparently it's real.  What I also find interesting is that in the past, DLC trailers on YouTube would often get half of the viewers disliking the video.  Now ...
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  • Quickscoper vs Quickscoper

    I have come up against Quickscopers and as a Quickscoper myself(not a very good one though), I was wondering if there are any ways to improve your reactions and skills?
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  • COD and External ballistics

    COD,   After playing a few games of BF4 where it has incorporated a program to change a bullets trajectory from point A to B (relative to distance, aiming and angle).   Leads to my question:   - Woul...
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  • Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

    So i recently bought Titanfall just like everyone else did probably and im about to return it already. The game is boring, much more boring than ghosts. People didnt like ghosts because the streaks were bad and it fee...
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  • LOL Way to milk a franchise!

    I am sure many of you are going to go out and drop some extra cash on the gotta have snoop dog voice over pack coming to a console near you soon enough. Maybe they should package that in with the Wolf skin pack for yo...
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  • To: Commandante, Gen. Claire, Brig Gen. BlackIce, Col. TopFighter...

      To the folks that I've grown to consider my friends and extended family over the past... What?... 6-7 years??? We have spent many years, months, days, hours on the various (and THE ONLY ACTUAL, well besides IW...
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  • Launch Control 3.0!

    A new Launch Control Badge is here! See the details on how to earn: http://bit.ly/Launch-Control-3     Launch Control has returned and it’s better than ever! Starting today, April 11, through the end...
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  • The Orbits

    Hi Guys, i think/hope/know how to get the orbits to appear. it´s so easy that i dint believe it first, but i recreate it the third time in a row and hope the com will help confirm this. first time i notice t...
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  • ghost clan app on pc

    ghost can somebody help me. I downloaded the cod ghost app on my pc the first time I downloaded it it worked just fine but now everytime I click on the app it says "YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS OFFLINE"   I HAVE...
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  • I am unable to update my clan emblem.

    I Am able to make a new emblem but when I try to upload it as the new emblem it doesn't. I have tried signing out and back in but the problem doesn't go away.
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  • Community Forum Issues

    Hey all,   Please list out any Forum issues you've seen. We're putting a list together to be addressed.   Thanks! Gypsy
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  • I killed 7 different enemies while maniac and it still didnt give me DEVGRU Dominator? WTF?!?!?!

    This is bullcrap I should get the award if i killed 7 different enemies while maniac
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    Our community is a great resource for all things Support, and we want to recognize your expert knowledge through a new Rewards Blog content feature! Send us your best Support related guides, game tips and tricks, comp...
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  • What happened to the old feeling?

    Gaming used to be, not only a competitive style of fun, but a genuine place where people could go to find the latest stories, achievements, videos, conspiracies, custom modes, updates, and friendly involvement. Grante...
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  • Whats the best Submachine? Post your fav submachine

    Whats your favorite submachine so far. Post guns/attachments/perks itll give me an idea what i should go with
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  • Little Known Zombies Facts

    Just a discussion of small nuggets of zombies maps you have noticed that you would like to share. Heres mine   Lava in tranzits spawn room starts on round 3 There is a billboard in tranzit's fog between diner a...
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  • i am hacked

    i am hacked
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  • whats happening with the prizes for being in the spotlight

    Almost coming upto to 2 months now still nothing , or any update as to why not.   ....
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