• Moderator changeover. Can we please know who?

    I, along with many forumers have been saddened that Fox, Jeeps, Top Fighter, and Black Ice are no longer our moderators. Reason being is that they did a fantastic job, and made the forum feel like a family for all the...
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  • How IW can solve the problem with overcamping.  I hope they, and you, are reading this.

    There was a reason why camping wasn't as massive in Black Ops 2 as it is in Ghosts. An attachment or something that allowed people to "Detect lingering heat signatures through walls and objects".  If there were a...
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  • The Orbits

    Hi Guys, i think/hope/know how to get the orbits to appear. it´s so easy that i dint believe it first, but i recreate it the third time in a row and hope the com will help confirm this. first time i notice t...
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  • PC Cod crashing with read error files mp.random or heads 0000000006 HELP

    my game is constantly crashing for no reason my pc is i3 2225 3.3 GHZ   650 TI SSC   8GB Ram   Windows 7 Premium 64 bit   getting the error read error files and something after which changes ...
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  • Support Section connection tool,, marking answers, etc

    In my view this 'connection tool' is a messy way for the Support Section of the forum to run.   Unanswered / unmarked threads return to the boards in 48hrs. Quite often the question has indeed been answered, yet...
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  • Classic Ghost character & Hardened edition Patch and Background

    Hello,   I had the classic ghost character and the hardened edition patch and background on my ps3 but sinds I have my ps4 the items do not show up in the game. I have also tried to re-download it in the ps store...
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  • "Blunt" Personalization Pack... has no place in COD

    87 votes
    I'm sorry... I know the 420 crowd will disagree... but this is honestly a new low for this franchise.   Glorifying drug use has no place in this game.   I have two young boys (11 and 15)... they get enough...
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  • Has anyone noticed ---

    Curious,   A fellow forumite pointed something out to me that is no longer prevalent in Ghosts:   1- Lack of Quad, triple, Qsping videos of people doing twirls like ballerinas.   Also   2- Lack...
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  • To: Commandante, Gen. Claire, Brig Gen. BlackIce, Col. TopFighter...

      To the folks that I've grown to consider my friends and extended family over the past... What?... 6-7 years??? We have spent many years, months, days, hours on the various (and THE ONLY ACTUAL, well besides IW...
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  • I was banned for fighting with hackers.

    Today, when I start my COD BO2, I got the message I was banned. I know this day will come sooner or later because I used hack tool. Why I use that? Because there's was too many hackers. My K/D was not bad, I have quic...
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  • Where do I go to learn what I am doing?

    Trying to play online is really frustrating because I don't know what the heck I am doing or for that matter what others are doing.  Where can I find the objective of each game?  And how do I get better weap...
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  • K/D.........

    I am going to hit everyone with some honest truth here. Unless you play Team Deathmatch or Kill Confirmed, K/D Is meaningless!!!   I seriously cannot explain how many times people will say I am "Bad" at CoD beca...
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  • Livestock

    This is a complete departure for COD, but does anyone else here keep livestock, like hobby farming? I have kept chickens for the past 6 years, originally meat kings and now meat and egg layers, as well as some dual pu...
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  • Red Orchestra 2, free to claim today on Steam.

    Go to Steam (install one if you don't have it) and start downloading Red Orchestra 2, it is free for today and after you start install it will be on your Steam account forever. It's awesome WW2 fps that just got a fre...
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  • This is the Image they choose as the first to release?

    So, Charlie Intel put this out today-     Stating that it is the first Image from COD 2014...   charlieINTEL.com @charlieINTEL 1m BREAKING NEWS: First image of #CoD2014 revealed!! (Via IGN)  ht...
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  • I don't understand the spawns and I doubt I ever will

    Activision and company have consistently proven that they are unable to figure spawns out. It's frustrating as a player that I can't count on my spawn to give me the security and peace of mind that one should expect. ...
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  • Ghosts PlayStation 4 Updates (4/8/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   Apr. 8, 2014 &...
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  • What is terminus?

      So I finally finished season 4 of the walking dead. Since we need to wait till October, what do you think terminus is?   i am interested in what you guys think is going to happen, I don't have a clue.
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  • Pick your spawn point (Revised)

    41 votes
    I am suggesting this idea because of one major flaw I've been seeing in Ghosts. Constantly spawning on one side of the map despite knowing that it's unsafe is annoying. I bring this up all the time, but Whiteout, even...
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  • Titanfall will not be the death of Cod

    So i recently bought Titanfall just like everyone else did probably and im about to return it already. The game is boring, much more boring than ghosts. People didnt like ghosts because the streaks were bad and it fee...
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