• Ghosts will not launch from Steam

    Like many other people, I am unable to even launch COD Ghosts from Steam. Upon double clicking a little box pops up informing me that COD Ghosts is not responding/is experiencing a problem. Trying not to be one just t...
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  • Quickscoper vs Quickscoper

    I have come up against Quickscopers and as a Quickscoper myself(not a very good one though), I was wondering if there are any ways to improve your reactions and skills?
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  • Community Forum Issues

    Hey all,   Please list out any Forum issues you've seen. We're putting a list together to be addressed.   Thanks! Gypsy
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  • Censorship going around the forums.

    Why are there multiple posts being deleted and edited that are NOT breaking the forum's Code of Conduct?   I know that disputes about moderator actions should be handled via a personal message but this is not ab...
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  • ghost clan app on pc

    ghost can somebody help me. I downloaded the cod ghost app on my pc the first time I downloaded it it worked just fine but now everytime I click on the app it says "YOUR INTERNET CONNECTION IS OFFLINE"   I HAVE...
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  • Snoop Dogg in Call of Duty.....

    I thought this was a late April fools joke, but apparently it's real.  What I also find interesting is that in the past, DLC trailers on YouTube would often get half of the viewers disliking the video.  Now ...
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  • Changing my CoDHQ status?

    I haven't changed my status on this site for over 2 years and now I can't remember how. Help?
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  • Marksman Class

    Hey guys I have just started using the SVU with thermal and flash suppressor I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on what perks to run on this because I cant decide I want to have an experiment because I am enj...
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  • Inbox hide new activity?

    I know that threads I've responded to pop up in my I bow when someone else responds to that thread and if I click the hide new activity I will no longer receive any updates on said thread. My question is if I never re...
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  • origins ending cutscene theory i need you to clear this up for me

    Sorry if this has been already talked about but i searched ( not long enough i think ) and i couldnt find any origins ending cutscene theorys about this part of the ending . So can you guys help me to understand this...
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  • Cod ghost Multiplayer Problem

    I've got a problem with my cod ghost , i used to play this cod ghost in 4GB RAM is it this game will be lag in the begining of the game then i will have no lag/stucks , I already put the resolution to the lowest but s...
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  • COD and External ballistics

    COD,   After playing a few games of BF4 where it has incorporated a program to change a bullets trajectory from point A to B (relative to distance, aiming and angle).   Leads to my question:   - Woul...
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  • Barebones SnD.

    7 votes
    .::BAREBONES SnD::.   They should add a competitive Search and Destroy playlist. RULES: No perks, No killstreaks, No attachments, preset classes. Only frag grenade and flash as equipment. Examples of Cla...
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    Okay, i have been trying to get the patches for all the streaks and have been lately using the GRYPHON, and it is awesomely **** like the rest of the streaks in the game except the HELO PILOT.   I just wanted t...
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  • I am unable to update my clan emblem.

    I Am able to make a new emblem but when I try to upload it as the new emblem it doesn't. I have tried signing out and back in but the problem doesn't go away.
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  • Possibility of Beachhead Studio giving forum support ???

    Ok - this might seem like a hair brained idea, but let me give it a whirl.   Every day there are posts from clan users needing help. A lot of the time it is a clan leader who is having problems with App manageme...
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  • A New Character Set

    After seeing the new dlc's and the different character set it got me thinking it would be good to have one as Predator.
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  • PS4 Update 1.7

    So the ps4 will get an update soon, 1.7. It seems to be getting changes to video capture and silly crap like that. But no youtube app yet! Does anyone know what the deal is with the no youtube app? What would you like...
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  • LOL Way to milk a franchise!

    I am sure many of you are going to go out and drop some extra cash on the gotta have snoop dog voice over pack coming to a console near you soon enough. Maybe they should package that in with the Wolf skin pack for yo...
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  • LMG in a DLC

    who else would like to see a lmg in a upcomeing dlc..?
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