• Ground War Game Modes

    Looking to add some variety to your 9 v 9 lives. Let us know which game mode you want to play the most in an 18 player lobby and we'll have it added for limited amounts of time.   Depending on feedback we may or...
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  • Split-Screen Multiplayer and Co-Op on the PC

    Call of Duty: Ghosts PC version must get the following feature:   Split-Screen Multiplayer Free For All, Team Deathmatch etc. Split-Screen Multiplayer Co-Op Missions, Survival etc.   So far every previous CO...
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  • Ghosts PC Updates (6/27/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   June 27, 2014 ...
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  • Bug report: when using a killstreak reward or care package marker, game gets stuck at selecting the item

    Bug report: Stuck killstreak reward action bug: Sometimes, when using a killstreak reward or care package marker, game gets stuck at selecting the item.   What it looks like: character takes out their PDA-sty...
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  • Nvidia GTX FPS stutter,microstutter,massive fps drops,input lag.

    Hello i pre-order Call of Duty GHOST with many sacrifices as many COD fans and now i am very disappointed! My specs are: CPU:i7 3770k 4.0 Ghz GPU: Asus GTX 680 2GB DC2TOP ed. (1201Mhz) RAM: Corsair 16 GB (2x 8 GB...
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  • Clan motto returns 'unknown error'

    When entering clan motto of 'Colorado Mountain Security Forces' i get 'unknown error try again later'. i have 62 characters remaining. if i shorten my motto it accepts just fine, no error. why cant i use my full motto?
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  • This webpage has a redirect loop

    Hi, Can login to the page but when I Click on the link in the top Right hand corner that says "Enter Call of Duty" I get this Error message, "This Webpage has a Redirect Loop. Have tried on Internet Explorer, Fire Fox...
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  • FPS unlocker

    sup all,  since the fov changer is ok to use, how about the FPS unlocker, I see some players say they got banned for it, but is it for using the fps unlocker only or is it good to go ???
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  • Extinction - basics you need to know

    Played extinction a little, learned the mode a little, hopefully this info will be useful to you:   1. Challenges are a MUST. Each completed challenge gives you 1 extra skill point. They help a lot! Do whatever ...
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  • How long does it take to get someone banned?

    Yes we all know the game is full of hackers, some might want to try and hide that fact, but does anyone actually know about the ban system in terms of how long it actually takes from report to ban? has anyone tracked ...
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  • PC Ghosts is a joke, and here's why:

    My blood is boiling over the PC version of this game.  IW tried talking it up, acting like for once they would make a respectable PC version of their game, but here we go with IW just crapping all over PC players...
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  • language pack...

    hi, i bourht a cod GHOSTS direct from steam and it is a english language can i have any chance to get a polish language file somehow??
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  • How do you win Extinction game? Me and my mates destroy all hives, arm the bomb and run away. But not only we can't reach heli, the passage is also blocked by a meteorite shard... Help please!

    How do you win Extinction game? Me and my mates destroy all hives, arm the bomb and run away. First problem: 2-3 players can't run fast (probably didn't spend 1 skill point on pistols, which allows you to move faste...
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  • was the dedi servers promise a blatant lie?

    Again this doesnt breach forums COC.   We were promised dedi servers, still no mention of them (like many other hacking issues).   when can we expect to hear an announcement?   People voice your opi...
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  • How to avoid playing with cheaters?

    How do you avoid playing with cheaters?   I tried going into spectating when joining a game to see weather there are any obvious ones, but it takes a while to see how players act, and I get kicked for inactivit...
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  • COD Elite for Steam (CoD Ghosts)

    https://elite.callofduty.com/account/status/platform/steam   This Link does not work. it gives me an error "too many redirects". I've logged in on the elite page and linked my Elite Account to my Steamaccount. ...
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  • Unable to search/join online match, game says I need squad points to unlock Squad Member 1. So I can only earn squad points online, but I cant play online because I dont have any Squad points...

    Catch 22 situation. Anyone else having this issue and are there any solutions to this? I've already done the whole uninstall/re-install & verify cache files through Steam so I know that isn't the issue.   E...
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  • Design flaw: Shotguns (one word says it all)

    -edit- Maybe I'm just holding it wrong... shooting while looking down the sights, running out in the open... I'll give it another try. -end of edit- Currently I'd like to provide feedback on Shotguns. They're b...
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  • FPS drop on maps

    Why my FPS drop from 90 to 45 when I look across map (examples: Warhawk, Sovereign, Stonehaven) with very low settings, but at that time my CPU usege is 50%, GPU - 30-60%, Ram - 2Gb (8Gb is total), Graphic Ram - 860M...
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  • Question about recording gameplay

    Hello and thank you for reading.   Originally I wasn't going to buy this game due to my previous experience with IW's MW3, but I like to make videos of my gameplays and so I hesitantly bought this game.   ...
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