• Switching from wiimote to normal controller - any tips?

    Played with wiimote since I started cod, its whats ive always done, its what got me back into gaming and ive tried in the past and failed miserbaly with a proper controller.   So as you know im looking at switch...
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  • Freefall review

    Let's calm down and actually review the god damn map. I don't like it. Meh, too crowded...too small. I guess I just like big maps and gameplay that's not very fast paced. Maybe i'm just getting old, but that's my hone...
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  • Just started on blops2 and interested in the zombie DLC

    Should I buy the season pass, or just some DLC in particular for zombie maps?   4000 MP for the full season pass seems fair with the 16 new maps, but how many of those are zombie maps? Or are the zombie maps on...
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  • When next fee or free DLC for the Wii U?

    Our Wii U and Our wallets are ready   BTW. Can you reveal how many times has been downloaded free FREEFALL on Wii U?
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  • Hey guys :)

    So after playing the hell out of blops 2, after binning ghosts in November, I couldnt help but pick a copy of Ghosts up yesterday in an Amazon sale, it was practically free! After I got sick and tired of playing the s...
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  • Motion Blur? Color Scheme? Headaches? ...Connected?

    So, I was just watching this older Vsauce video (What Is Video ?? - YouTube) on video that had a specific section dealing with motion blur..or the lack thereof. It stated that things being "too HD, that is, high resol...
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  • Ping - whats yours ? are UK gamers at a disadvantage in FPS?

    Internet speed isnt really that important in online gaming, if you can run around 2 download your fine, its the bandwidth that causes issues regarding speed if theres lots of things using your line at once, sp speed i...
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  • Ping and how does it affect you ?

    Just checked my Ping and it explains why im so far behind half the time, given that 75% of the online community come from the USA and I constantly get into USA hosted lobbies Remember the game will run fine on 2 down...
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  • Wii U dedis maybe confirmed by possible ninja Wii U dev?

    Look at "Hardkode"'s post in this GFAQs thread: Ghosts will have Dedicated Severs on all platforms. - Call of Duty: Ghosts Message Board for Wii U - GameFAQs I think that guy might actually be a Wii U dev. I remembe...
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  • `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

    Now the big mans decided to plug in his pc after spending 7 months porting the game for us, do we have any legit questions we want answering about ghosts on the wiiu, seeing as theres NO info out there whatsoever for ...
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  • QuickScoping being nerfed...your opinion?

    So now  Infinity Ward supposedly remove quickscoping (I don't think they removed it, just made it harder to do). What do you think?   About time, this was one of the most broken mechanics in the game. Scope...
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  • The asylum is overrun

    I knew it would happen but didn't think it would get this bad.  This kinda reminds me of how the cheating on the original Black Ops for the Wii blew up when MW3 was released.   It seems that all is left are...
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  • No Dedicated Server in Australia

    So I've basically confirmed that there's no dedicated server in Australia. I suppose it was to be expected, but that doesn't change the fact that I'm really disappointed.   USA and Europe gets them, but not Aust...
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  • Next Ghosts Wii U Update at Nintendo

    The next Call of Duty: Ghosts Wii U update is at Nintendo for approvals. Hoping to release it this week, maybe next. Update notes will be posted when he update itself releases.
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  • is this game good enough to be a Christmas present?

    i mean it seems to me like with this game there is more bad than good i mean i was planing on asking for it for Christmas but i just don't really hear good things about this game i really only hear bad things...i don'...
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  • Why Am I Losing All 50/50 Encounters

    I am not all that of a great player, but I have been playing CoD since WaW came out, so I have some skill.  I use the Wii Remote.  It seems that I lose 9/10 run up encounters.  That is, encounters where...
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  • heavy aim assist? new since patch or just lag?

    So I've been having matches now were I feel I've been destroyed by either very good player (curiously they have mediocre kdr while I was close to 2) or ppl who have been helped by the new game feature that help reacti...
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  • Will Treyarch Fix This Lag Problem?

    Seriously, will it get fixed or are you leaving the way it is because you can't fix it? Its a straight up question that requires a straight up answer. I'm not asking about DLC, so do you have any information at this t...
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  • What can Wii do?

    Howdy Forum ^^   My name is Dazran303, some of you may know me from youtube and others may not. I have a problem. I am a frequent CoD Ghosts user. I sometimes do it for too long, some nights can be sleepless. M...
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  • nobody knows the sorrows ive seen...

    this game is totaly unplayable, ive tried so much crap to get it to work. static ip, google dns. auto ip and dns. changed channel on router.  nothing makes this pathetic game run right. i cant even kill with the ...
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