• Hardly Anyone Online

    Up to mid day today there was hardly anyone playing Core or Hardcore. A week ago it wasn't much of a problem getting a match as soon as I came on. This week is a different story, 4 people waiting in hctdm and a total ...
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  • As someone who can actually use the wiimote...

    and at the risk of sounding cocky, is pretty good with the wiimote, I notice absolutely no difference after the patch. The snap on is gone for sure, but that barely worked and it's only a crutch for bad players, so wh...
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    Ok my intension on this forums was never to argue with anyone so peace and love to everyone  .As the title says is this the worst cod ever,imo it is as the game just doesn't feel like a cod game  i know that...
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  • Wii U won't get Clan-Features

    The Wii U Version from CoD Ghosts won't get Clan-Features.   On the official Clans-Trailer, there's the hint : "Not Available on Nintendo Platforms".   What do you guys think about that?
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  • My WiiMote Settings Screwed Up By New Patch?

    What has happened!? Today I finally received my Wii U from repair and I decided to play Ghosts... I downloaded the patch and my Wii remote settings were ruined! I noticed that some of my remote settings were resetted ...
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  • Switching to X1 or PS4?

    Its been awhile since i've been posting anything on here, but im back for now. Unimportant info aside, im getting a Xbox One soon, however im not dishing out another 60 dollars on the same game again. If you guys are...
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  • very angry

    Hi been reading the forums for years now just to get tips and stuff,anyway about me ive been using the wii mote since reflex and done pretty well usually 2 + KDR on most games and high SPM even tho i run alone and alw...
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  • Is this game playable for Rushers?

    I have been watching gameplay and checking out the usually i get the new cod installments but the maps are so huge and design looks awful alot is this game built for campers or other styles of play?
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  • TDM vs Cranked

    News Flash,A new game mode Called CRANKED to deter camping!!!Campers Complaining about other fellow campers. -Only playing TDM, but ZERO cranked Playlist Players after 12AM lol. COMMON SENSE play CRANKED!!!!!!!! TDM p...
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  • I Decided NOT To Get Ghosts (Video Added)

    Please follow the TOS for this website when responding to this thread. This is how I feel and what my personal thoughts are. I expect everyone to respect my thoughts just as I have respected yours. Please do not flame...
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  • How to make wiimote players happy. Forever.

    A few of you probably remember my incessant criticism of few specific control-mechanics last go-round with Black Ops 2. I won't put in nearly the effort for Ghosts, but I want to list 3 specific control-mechanics for ...
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  • What Made You Mad In Black Ops 2?

    The title says it all, what made you go berserk in Black Ops 2? Before we head into the next generation of Call of Duty, I want to know what made us snap. Maybe will have a better understanding of each other (I doubt ...
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  • Is the Wii U version atleast receiving the bonus map Free Fall? If not will you cancel your purchase?

    If the WiiU does or doesnt get the Free Fall map then I think it basically confirms whether the WiiU will receive the map packs. Will you cancel your preorder if not?
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  • Wii/wiiu sales numbers that should make us happy with cod on wiiu in the first place

    We should be happy to have cod on the wii/wiiu (with wiimote support) in the first place considering the decreasing sales numbers on wii/wiiu:   Source: www.vgchartz.com @ 5 oct 2013 total units sold &nbs...
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  • How many people are getting Ghosts for Wii U? List your Nintendo ID here!

    I am getting Ghosts for Wii U because I don't want to wait for next gen launch and I really appreciate Black Ops 2 on Wii U. I created this so that people could add players to their friends list for launch to see how ...
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  • TOP UK retailer Shopto refuse to sell COD GHOSTS

    Shopto is my go to place for pre orders, simply because I can pay ahead and then dont have to worry about the payment on release day, and they ALWAYS arrive on release day - I dont always have the cash to hand, or mea...
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  • Nothing we can do but wait and hope!

    I know as well as anyone else does about the situation with Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for Wii U, and the problem with getting add-on-content for it. What I can see is that the Wii U Community are either outraged, disap...
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  • Royal Mail strike action set to disrupt Ghosts launch date in UK

    Royal Mail today voted to strike over and pay and conditions, and the 1st date for strike action has been given as Monday 4th November, meaning post due for Tuesday 5th, will now be delivered upto several days later. ...
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  • Call Of Duty Ghost Delayed becuse of Royal Mail set to strike on November 4

    Royal Mail are getting set to strike on November 4. Now you may think to yourself what has this got to do with gaming, well... Looking at our release schedule perhaps one of the biggest games of the year is set to re...
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  • Wii Remote Not Legit?

    I've been finding myself spending more time on the Black Ops 2 Miiverse, and alot of people there don't see the Wii Remote as being a legit option for a controller. What's up with that? O_o   I know this debate ...
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