Has anyone ever accidentally fell asleep while playing COD, then woke up with the controller in your hand and continued playing? lmao, this happen to me the other day.
So I was watching the footage of CoDAW again and it suddenly struck me with the exosuits in mp..what if they mean there's no perk system (that we're used to)  in the mp O_0.   Before y'all think…
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or is this game starting to look like Halo? I really don't want to jump around and have laser weapons. If I want to do that I'd buy a crappy xbox one.   I'm basing this off of the latest trailor…
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This game looks terrible.
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As you all know when the new game is released within a very short period of time we are bombarded with a flood of crybaby threads about certain weapons/streaks and such being overpowered and…
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So, I am not a Halo fan. Never have been. Played Halo 4 and enjoyed it, the MP didn't do much for me. Yet I know many have enjoyed the game over the years.   So I can imagine that those folks were…
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Hi peeps im thinking of buying the xbox one i all ready got the ps4 does the xbox one suffer massive frame rate drops like the ps4 making it play like crap 6 months in and starting to give up on the…
I have been a fan of COD since Black Ops and I am really hoping if Sledgehammer can make that happen since we never get to do it anymore.
Excuse the twitteresque  formatting I was going to use twitlonger and cba to rewrite this   I'm just gonna say what I know a lot of my peers in the CoD community are thinking , CoD is going to go…
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What would you rather have in AW, a wider choice of weapons and attatchments and less kill streaks or a wider choice of streaks with the same amount of weapons     Personally i would rather a wider…
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