• Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   July 1, 2014 &...
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  • COD Ghost Freezing Instantly

    Hey Everyone, I've had Ghost for the past couple days and never had an issue with it freezing until today. Whenever I try to get into xbox live and navigate the menu my xbox freezes within about ten seconds. This bug...
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  • The definitive class for having highest KD possible

    what is the absolute optimal class for getting the best KD? I'll start with a class and make adjustments to make the class the best for camping/getting best KD   Remington Tracker Silencer   IED   ...
    kustom shoota
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    Join teams from around the globe in the second round of the Call of Duty Sunday Shootout league. Starting 9PM BST on July 6th: The World Clock Meeting Planner - Details Watch each Sunday over the next two week...
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  • Getting rid of snipers completely?

         Imagine, just for a minute, a Call of Duty without snipers. Without all of the various kinds of snipers, regardless of whether they are camping, going for FaZe clips, or even lag switching. Ho...
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  • Stuff to be nerfed/buffed

    First off, this isn't a qq'ing thread  talking about how every gun in this game is over-powered, Instead, I'm going to be listing off weapons/perks/pointstreaks that need either a buff or a nerf from a realistic ...
    A Pig that flys
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  • Issues with Call Of Duty Ghosts

    After playing Call of Duty Ghosts multiplayer, ive found a few things that could be changed about the game.   1. Health issues, dying in 1 or 2 hit markers. 2. UAV issues, why have the maps been increased in si...
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  • Avoiding Issues

    So I jumped in a lobby and there was a full clan on the other team. The game started and within the first two minutes of the game they're up 42 to 8. They were cmping the $h!t out of our spawn.... had us completely tr...
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  • Riot Shields & C4 in S&R/S&D

    I am absolutely appalled that Infinity Ward has not jumped on this exploitation sooner. I'm 100% done with playing Search game modes, because there is ALWAYS someone using this set-up; Riot Shield with Radar, C4 and e...
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    hI   All game mode titles on standard have changed to weid names ie TDM is now called "PEW PEW"   help would be great and how to revert back to traditional mode names.   cheers andy
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  • There needs to be a name and shame list.

    I have been in 20 games today and 12 of them, someone was throwing infinite Tactical gear out and I'm getting sick of it.  So I think we should all ban together and start a name and shame list, to point out all e...
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  • forum police

    Quit locking posts and removing GT"s of suspected cheaters.  Let the cheaters be known and let us gamers choose if we want to play with them.  I am tired of seeing this message   You can't name and sha...
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  • Was I in a Hack Lobby

    Hi guys,   I want to start by saying that i am relatively new to call of duty/xbox so please excuse my lack of knowledge!   I was playing Ghosts today and saw that there was a new game mode (drop zone), s...
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  • Why are the Onslaught maps still not in the standard playlists?

    I have never seen a map pack not in the standard playlists when a COD map back drops...   ... ever.   So why are the new maps still only playable in a DLC playlist?     This is really kinda kooky.
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  • Riot shields, c4, and noob tubes.....wtf

    Is it just me, or is it the most annoying thing to come across a riot shielder with c4 and 4 noob tubes? That seems to be the number one class setup in my favorite mode SnD, and it's making me hate this game. I dont ...
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  • all stats gone march 7th update!

    Fix this now. Last night I was still a 10th prestige in multi player with all my unlocks from last 300+ hrs of play. Also all my extiction stats are reset and gone. Yrt in leaderboards I am still lvl 9 prestige but ye...
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  • Killstreaks ideas thread all suggestions welcome.

    This thread is about some ideas to change killstreaks in any way you guys see fit. I shall start us off with the assault juggernaut.   It is a very good killstreak but many dislike it because there is no heal...
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    The dog kill streak in this game is RUINING the experience for me.  The dogs are completely overpowered.  Heres a scenario for you.  I have a Lynx Sniper right WITH Chrome Barrel.  I put TWO rounds...
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  • Riot Shields WAY OP needs patch

    I play COD ghosts all the time..granted i still LOVE this game..but the riot shields are just becoming annoying during SND and SNR..I played SND,and i feel like infinity ward needs to patch the fact that when someone ...
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  • Onslaught

    I want the Onslaught map pack right now it is January 28, 2014 and i have been waiting since 12 and i'm getting impatient if you set a release date, release it on 12:00 A.M. in the certian time zones at a time so you ...
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