• Season Pass Question?

    Hey all. First up, I do not know whether to post this in the Xbox 360 section, or the Xbox One section. Yesterday, I bought a season pass for $65 on my Xbox One. I have Ghosts on the One and the 360. I then (today) we...
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  • Getting False Reported.

    Let me first start out by saying that i have NEVER cheated or used any modified equipment in any way to benefit my game play. I am a legit tenth prestige with a 2.4 kdr ( never dashboarded ). It seems that almost ever...
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  • DEVS: You nerfed the AK?

    Really?   Stop catering to the whiners who will never be satisfied with anything you do. Heavy Duty mode and its rapid demise are a prime example of why catering to the whiners is pointless.   You are alie...
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  • Cod Ghosts 1st DLC

    Can anyone tell me the exact time the DLC drops? Will it be at midnight or like 6am. I don't want to stay up all night to wait for something that comes up next day. I'm in Eastern time, if you can't tell me the exact ...
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  • Season Pass Scam

    Today I decided to purchase the Season Pass for Ghosts so I bought a $50 gift card. I was very suprised to see this was not enough money when I attempted to buy the Season Pass. It seems Microsoft are now charging tax...
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  • Accidentally joined a modded lobby last night. Is there a way that I can reset my stats/rank?

    Last night I was playing the new game mode blitz online. I was having a lot of fun until I mistakenly joined a modded lobby. The game started as normal until I got a kill then I started ranking up, like really fast. I...
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  • Snipers MUST be addressed next patch

    Snipers are really breaking this game right now for my friends, a lot of people I play with, and myself. What you did earlier was a worthless placebo. Snipers 1) should have slow ADS 2) should flinch a lot when shot t...
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  • The definitive class for having highest KD possible

    what is the absolute optimal class for getting the best KD? I'll start with a class and make adjustments to make the class the best for camping/getting best KD   Remington Tracker Silencer   IED   ...
    kustom shoota
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  • An Idea for a Gametype Possibly

    So me and my friends were talking about possible gametypes they would like to see in Call of Duty and I talked about a gamemode called "HotPotato." It would be a free for all gametype but someone is randomly chosen to...
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  • Is there a way to derank or reset myself?

    Well as you probably know there are multiple modded lobbies going around. You can easily go into one by simply searching for domination. I know this because when i went online to search for domination i was put into w...
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  • I think the magnum needs some fixing

    My view is if a weapon is hardly used by anyone than some investigating into why should be done and adjusted accordingly. Why buy a cutlery set and only use the forks type of thing. Its a 2 shot kill weapon with very...
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  • If I buy DLC without the Season Pass does it still carry over?

    So yeah I play X360 & XBONE and want to get the DLC to play on both do I have to buy it on each console or does it stay and carry over to each?
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  • Not playing to win

    Yesterday i joined into a match where i am on a nice win streak. It's currently me and a clanmate verse an entire clan. They are talking **** since they were with an entire team and it was just me and my friend; we st...
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  • Major imbalances that are dictating the way your game is played.

    IED's are everywhere in this game. they have a huge blast radius, if you're lucky enough to be able to destroy one with a bullet before it's triggered to detonate, shouldn't you be rewarded for your awareness?  I...
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  • why do you use armor piercing

    okay for all you geniuses using armor piercing bullets on your vks, honey badger,k7, etc. its a waste of a attachment slot and squad points its only good for shooting down air control, juggernaut, maniac, and ballisti...
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  • Omg playing mw2

    Just started playing mw2 and surprised theres alot of people still playing i found a match quicker than on ghosts and a full groundwar lobby   man i missed this game, the guns, maps and streaks   i can ja...
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  • I have little incentive to play anymore.

    Before you think I am whining little kid read carefully and think , I love Call of Duty with a certain passion so please hear me out. I am a Call of Duty veteran and have played across platforms since Call of Duty 2,...
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  • Quick Question... What is the "Tryhard/N00b Gun" in this game?

    Not saying there is anything wrong with Tryhards and N00bs at all, I'm cool with both   You know the ACR, FAMAS gun...   I'm not sure at all as I haven't used the SMGs or ARs, but from what I've seen I'd ...
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  • IW, About Heavy Duty: It's time to go

    Its been a month, so its ok to call this playlist an official failure. It was never needed, and it's taking up a playlist slot that could be used for a much more popular objective mode like Demo or HQ. It debuted in 3...
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  • OK not sure what happened!!!???

    OK so my clan is in platinum division we were in second place in the clan wars now that clan wars is over we got the Triad reticle unlocked.. but no camo. Keep in mind we came in SECOND place not first so how did we e...
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