• Call of Duty Ghosts app Questions

    Is the call of duty app needed for clan leaders to lead there clans? Will the call of duty app be available for androids and tablets? Is the app needed to be in a clan? Is the app needed to be able to chat with your c...
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  • Useful Tips for playing.

    so with all the hate going on at the moment because ghosts isn't like BO2 (thank god) and you have to change your play-style or just get better. a lot of the forums is getting bogged with crap.   but im putting ...
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  • Unofficially Official Hardcore Discussion Thread

    ... and zero Search playlists. Neither Search and Destroy nor Search and Rescue made it.   Wow.   Here's what the HC community gets:   Cranked TDM Domination Kill Confirmed   For some reason...
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  • How about weapon DLCs for Ghosts in the coming future?

    Hi, I was wondering what people think about having Weapon DLCs as a mini bonus for players to buy at certain times of the years. Maybe 1 new assault rifle,sniper rifle, shotgun, marksman rifle, etc. for $.50-$2.00? Or...
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  • PS4 headset situation

    Due to the recent news regarding PS4 headset compatibility, I was wondering what headsets will you be using for ghosts. I got the sony pulse headset but will have to wait for a future patch, so I'll be stuck with the ...
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  • Why take out so many objective modes?

    The modes that were in previous CoDs that are not in this one:   Demolition (Objective Mode) Capture the Flag (Objective Mode) Headquarters (Objective Mode) Hardpoint (Treyarch mode) Sabotage (Objective Mode...
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  • Stonehaven???

    Hi guys/girls,   Just  quick question about stonehaven,   Is it still in the public playlist map rotation?   I ask because ive not even seen in come up for vote since launch week but havent seen...
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  • You better not screw up IW .... watch this

    Couldnt agree more , Soundwhoring perks have no place in CoD , Dead Silence promotes movement, Sithrep pro promotes camping PERIOD !!!!!!!    
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  • [RUMOR] Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 720p, versus PS4′s 1080p

    As is the case with the start of every new generation, the upcoming eight generation has been met with the resurgence of the “console wars”, with gamers filling online forums with bickering over which hard...
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  • Why are there so few game modes

    I noticed that there is no headquarters (my favorite), demolition, sabotage, capture the flag, etc. There are so few game modes to choose from now. Maybe i'm just missing something.
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  • Can we please get almost all the gamemodes in Hardcore!!

    I hate that i have to play core and deal with BS that comes with it just to play CTF or specials like 24/7 Nuketown. Please include all the new game modes in Hardcore also. Blitz and Search and Rescue will be epic har...
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  • 3 days in, leaderboards already hacked.

    I'm a bit of an accuracy geek (26.49%) and wanted to take a quick look at how it stacked up against everyone else. I was expecting to see the traditional 1 hit, 0 misses pop up but what I found instead was a bit worry...
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  • Increase health and make smaller maps

    You die way to fast so there are no gun fights just who sees who first and the maps are too big, it takes forever to find somebody. Release smaller maps for free.
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  • Sliding Camo Challenge Clarification?/Challenges Help

    Hi guys, ive been trying to complete the sliding camo challenge on the Honeybadger,   But ive noticed that not all sliding kills seem to count.   For example sometime ill get a kill while mid slide that ap...
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  • Stop complaining...

    I don't know why so many people are complaining about everything like Spawns/Campers/Guns/Connections and stuff. Jesus, the game has been out a few days and I've got faith that a lot of the problems will be sorted in ...
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  • PS3/PS4 Cross Platform Gaming - Technically possible

    Just been reading through the PS4 FAQ and stumbled upon this; (Copy & Paste direct from FAQ)   Can PS4 and PS3 users play together online, cross-platform?The functionality is technically possible and some dev...
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  • Squad Matches?

    hi all, just a quick question with the squad matches, are you goig to be able to increase xp, but unlock challenges like combat training in bo2, or is it going to be a seperate xp system kind of like special ops was i...
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  • I'm getting ghosts late, just one question...

    Hello guys, i'm getting ghosts a few weeks late probably a few days before the 20th of November   My question is this...   How far will this set me back? Will everyone on earth seemingly be millions of lev...
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  • Killstreak/scorestreak question

    Haven't followed much about Ghosts, but I was planning on buying on the 5th. I heard the killstreak setup is supposed to be like MW3, where completing objectives in DOM count. I've watched a few videos and noticed guy...
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  • Calm Before the Storm

    As we all know Ghosts is due to release in only a few hours time now,   May be a good time to take a holiday from the forums     Start expecting thread after thread after thread of the same issue bei...
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