• Black Ops 3 Zombies?

    We all know Black Ops 2 is coming to a close very soon and all the map packs are already finished. Treyarch probably has the ideas for the next zombies maps and gamemodes for the next game, but they probably aren't do...
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    Xbox LIVE Gamertag: SLAKEoBASKI   My Emblem right now is the Skull with Double Shotguns, Spiked Shield, and 4 tally marks.     My Stats:   Kills: 72,009       ...
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  • Solo Origins Trying To Beat Personal Best (Round 50)

    Ok i finished the origins easter egg on round 19 then i got all nine perks by 24 i have build the shield at the wind tunnel (had it at the workshop when i did my round 50) i have not moved the box (i did move it on my...
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  • xbox. in desperate need of good zombie players

    I'm so tired of public matches because all I can find are split screeners and squeakers who rage quit... add me if you are neither and can go high rounds ... highest I've been is 22 without someone leaving. Help. gt...
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  • Should The 4 Perk Limit Be Optional In Custom Games?

    Before you say no because you can get perk bottles from crawlers,witches, and the golden shovel I do want you to remember that in maps like Tranzit and Mob there is no perk bottles plus in Origins it's hard enough to ...
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  • Zombies Clan/Playgroup Recruitment (360)

    Hey guys, Mayhem here. I've decided that, despite my love for solo, it would be extremely interesting to have a zombies clan, or a "playgroup" if you would. The group would play together frequently, on Call of Duty: B...
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  • Getting hit while in zombie blood?

    Was playing origins just now and grabbed a zombie blood. while reviving i almost went down from getting hit during a zombie blood(at the beginning of it too!) This needs to be fixed because i and others would/will get...
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  • Panzer fire range is too far

    ok im cool with the panzer being able too shoot me on the tank but atleast he should have a certain range  where he has too maybe chase me around tank cause he is at the front of the tank i climb on back and he k...
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  • anybody up on xbox for a fun game

    have all the zombies map anybody on xbox want toget in a fun game?
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  • G-strike does not break seal during EE

    I am trying to do the origins ee on solo. I have upgraded the staffs, put them in the holders, got the g strike beacon....everything that needs to be done has been done. I enter odin, press the red button, throw the b...
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  • Zombie Shield - Should it restore once click on

    Do you think the Zombie Shield should restore too 100% if you run by workbench and click on shield
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  • Wanna play orgins? (360)

    Looking for some decent zombie players or at the very least able to listen. I want to go for high rounds, which will including doing the easter egg for upgraded melee punch. My gamertag is: Chosen Gods, I am a knife r...
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  • ultimate wind staff- help!

    Hi guys, Origins has totally got the better of me, in so many ways, but I am determined to beat it. I'm having a bit of a thick moment with the ultimate wind staff. It's just the riddle that I can't get. I've watche...
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  • Origins " Shovels "

    Besides the 2 at the spawn, are there anymore on the map ? I was playing with some random noobs today, and they got all booty hurt because I took a shovel. I did'nt want to say nothing, you could tell he was young. To...
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  • Kevin Sherwood confirms that Origins is the end of the zombies story W/Link

    So with Treyarch's new origins Archangel recording session video Kevin Sherwood, senior sound designer, talks about how archangel ties into Origins. While doing so he does say that origins is "the finality of the stor...
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  • NEW MAP IDEA: Tribe of the Dead By Group115

    Tribe of the Dead     Game Modes Compatible With: Grief, Tribe of the Dead, and Turned.   Setting: A sleep away camp in New York that was hit with a 115 meteor during the time when the 4 main character ...
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  • ORIGINS | Secret Page Pieces Almost Completed | Need Help

    Can someone please let me know if they stumbled upon the missing middle piece. I believe that it is by the Pack a punch but i've looked so many times and can't find it. Please help me out, thanks guys.  
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  • Ultimate lighting staff Panel Pattern

    music notes & Saving Time By Switching panels:   using only bottom row there are 7 blocks for playing music notes:   Shoot order 1st note : 6,1,3 wait till all are blank 2nd note: 3,5,7 wait till all...
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  • Lagging with 3 or 4 bars?

    I dont know if im the only 1 who has this problem, but i will lag like crazy even though i have 3 bars. Im a sniper and when i shoot at someone, literly 2 seconds later i will get the kill even though im 3 baring. Als...
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  • So Is Treyarch Done With Black Ops 2?

    I was hoping for one final patch really I wish they could fix the tank and the soldats 1 hit kill if you're on the tank I know it's cause of a good cause though since glitchers really ruined the tank. But I was also h...
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