• Wins not counting in CWs?

    Anyone else having this issue? Played a lot of cranked and blitz, and after winning dozens of games with a full party, we never saw our point/win count increase. Still zero. Though points still add up in other modes l...
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  • 5 Days of clan wars?

    I think the wars are to long, they should start on Friday and end on Monday! Who else feels this way?
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  • Why Hack?

    Hacking is the most stupidest thing I have ever saw people doing. I mean why do it? Yes, I know people do it so they don't get killed. They're also looking for credit card information. To me and my friends thinks it i...
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  • Lone Wolf Ops

    Can we get Lone Wolf operations back?    Pretty please?
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  • Max Lt. Commanders?

    Not sure if this has been asked yet.  Tried searching, found nothing.   How many Lt. Commanders can you have in one clan?
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  • LethalGamingPSN (US PS4)

    I'm recruiting members for one reason and one reason alone.  To win.   What i'm looking for... 1). PS4 players 2). Strong players that are at the top of the all time global leaderboards in any game mode.&...
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  • Clan Chat / former members still chatting

    After i've removed someone from my roster, why are they still able to chat in the clan chat?  And how long will it take for them to no longer have access?   This should be an immediate thing.  Not a 24...
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  • (Ps3) I'm Looking For a Clan My KD is 1.242 And Always Active

    Looking for Clan Level More than 11: KD Ratio: 1.242 Psn: ViRuZ SneAkZ Need Clan
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  • PS3 / PS4 Clan looking for East coast players w/ good stats. Post stats below...

    I'm a member of Lethal Gaming If you're interested in joining our PS3 / PS4 clan, please post your stats below.  Must be active, team player, and willing to support this clan 100% by joining parties within the c...
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  • Clan issues already looking for answers

    So far when playing with clan members that I auto transferred from my elite clan it has counted towards leveling up the clan. I sent clan invites to members of my elite clan that I did not transfer over and when they ...
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    Ok. Would like some clarification so I know what to tell my clan members. I have a few members getting ghosts on Ps3 and a few members getting ghosts for ps4 and waiting until the ps4 is available.  Will our scor...
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  • Why cant leave my elite clan ?!!!! WHYYYYYY

    Im trying to leave my clan to join another one that i have received an invite to. When i click "leave clan" then "yes im sure" the page just reloads and nothing has changed. I NEED TO LEAVE THIS CLAN. When i try to ac...
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