• Any chance of getting Scavenger reworked into it's original state?

    Every video I've seen with someone using scavenger, it's only replenishing ammo. Granted they may have had the perk set up that way for the conferences but I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that that's their in...
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  • is friendly fire on hardcore going to be the same as b02

    Because if it is i will be cancelling my order as i have lived in probation due to pricks running into my fire and sentry guns etc it pisses me off completely and if this game is going to be the same then whats the po...
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  • Hardcore game modes revealed

    Let's focus all discussion here: http://community.callofduty.com/message/414836423#414836423   Message was edited by: Foxhound-Pro
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  • Take away Probation!! its getting old

    its not like im purposely killing team mates. i understand what u guys are trying to do honestly but 99% of the time i get kicked and placed on probation due to scorestreaks. i have no control which so ever on them so...
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  • Ghosts Infected Suggestion

    My suggestion for infected in Ghosts is to make it so the infected don't have any throwing knives up until there is one more survivor. Once there is only one survivor then the infected have throwing knives, but before...
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  • We need a special edition for pc!

    Today i had found out that Ghosts won't be having any special editions for PC and i think that it's total bunk,_,. I dont think that it's all that fair for most of the other editions to have another edition while we h...
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  • Weapons Mastery Calling Card

    I've maxed out all primary & secondary weapons, and have both calling cards.  Where does the Weapons Mastery calling card appear?  I unlocked the secondary weapons before the primary if that makes a diff...
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