• The one thing you want in the game badly.

    Mine is simple, unlimited sprinting! FOR KNIFING!
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  • I have a worry - insta deaths.

    I've been watching footage of the games from various events and I noticed one thing - everybody just seems to drop dead, no indication they're being shot at or anything. They're just running along and then they're dea...
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  • will call of duty ghost improve sniping

    will ghost have better sniping than what black ops 2 has becuse sniping in the game sucks
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  • Call of Duty: Ghosts Creators *Important* (Camping)

    I am writing this to hopefully get the creators attention for one of the major problems in Call of Duty, THE CAMPER'S!!!! Every game of call of duty that I have ever played has had campers in them I'm not talking abou...
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  • Are they going to be stupid?

    and have a probation? Going to cancel my preorder if they do. I don't play blops 2 for this reason.
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  • Wii U dedis maybe confirmed by possible ninja Wii U dev?

    Look at "Hardkode"'s post in this GFAQs thread: Ghosts will have Dedicated Severs on all platforms. - Call of Duty: Ghosts Message Board for Wii U - GameFAQs I think that guy might actually be a Wii U dev. I remembe...
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  • `LEGIT ONLY` question for A_Trey_U

    Now the big mans decided to plug in his pc after spending 7 months porting the game for us, do we have any legit questions we want answering about ghosts on the wiiu, seeing as theres NO info out there whatsoever for ...
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  • I.E.D. equipment will ruin Multiplayer!

    The I.E.D. is a lethal equipment set to appear in the upcoming game,Call of Duty: Ghosts. It is an improvised proximity device that sticks to any surfaces. It arms shortly after deployment. As I know this thing will ...
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  • QuickScoping being nerfed...your opinion?

    So now  Infinity Ward supposedly remove quickscoping (I don't think they removed it, just made it harder to do). What do you think?   About time, this was one of the most broken mechanics in the game. Scope...
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  • It's like the lag keeps getting worse.

    The more I play the worse it is.  Just instantly dying over and over.  I can go 32-2 and get all my killstreaks.  Next match in the same lobby I'm lucky to break even and that will continue until I find...
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  • The panic knifing..................

    It's more of a problem in this game than any other. Even BO1 which was a major problem in that game. I swear there is built in Commando pro.   I can be 130 degrees behind where a players camera is looking and th...
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  • You better not screw up IW .... watch this

    Couldnt agree more , Soundwhoring perks have no place in CoD , Dead Silence promotes movement, Sithrep pro promotes camping PERIOD !!!!!!!    
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  • Can i run cod ghost probably on pc? And will there be hackers same as mw3? ...

    Hey i just put my specs here im wondering if i can run ghost probably.. Geforce gtx 550 ti (overclocked) i7 (4770k) 3,4 ghz 8GB ram   I can run bf3 and bo2 everything highest settings 60 fps.   And will...
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  • Are You Getting Bored of Ghost?

    A lot of people I met seem bored of this game (even on my sisters PS3 community, they seem bored to). I get bored sometimes but not the "oh, I better go turn this game in" bored (I'm never going to do that). Of course...
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  • Let's Talk About the SatCom (UAV)

    I have pasted the article from CharlieIntel.com, so I apologize for the length of the post.   So, basically, the Satcom is the new UAV as they are trying to cut down on Aerial Streaks, since they sit on the grou...
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  • Something I noticed about the quick deaths @A_Trey_U

    I think a lot of us can agree that you appear to die instantly in this game.  My first thought was that I appeared to die from a single bullet.  The screen just shows one hit and you instantly drop.  Ma...
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  • Two things I don't like about the game

    One, it's too hard to start an unpopular match when the minimum requirement is 8/12, matchmaking doesn't work that well when the mode people play the most is team deathmatch and all others get like 3-4 lobbies at most...
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  • Portable Radar or Motion Sensor

    In MW3 the portable radar was everywhere which cause me to use assassin more, if they keep this I would like it to be like bo1 motion sensor
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  • How Wiimote Sniping should feel (open discussion)

    It seems Ghosts Wii U isn't all that broken after all. In fact, this year's version of the glitch/bug thread isn't all that long and many of the problems will gone after update #2. So, much to the dismay of A_TREY_U (...
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    Ok my intension on this forums was never to argue with anyone so peace and love to everyone  .As the title says is this the worst cod ever,imo it is as the game just doesn't feel like a cod game  i know that...
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