• Zombie players for high rounds/ranking(ps3)

    First off this post is about getting to high rounds(easter eggs too if we want to do them) on various maps, origins, die rise, buried, MOD, etc.   About me info.: - Bandwidth is 3000 KBS, I'm easily capable of ...
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  • Anyone want to join a Zombie Clan?

    Hey guys, this is ThatZomBPlayer from my clan, ThatZomBClan. We play Black Ops 1 and 2 zombies. We are looking for new players for the clan. Here are the requirements.   - MUST HAVE A MIC!!! - PVR (Elgato, Roxi...
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  • Origins EE/High round zombies (PS3) *Must have mic*

    MUST HAVE TO ADD ME:   - Mic (no mic I won't even bother with you) - Good connection (if you time out or anything that falls under a crappy connection I won't bother with you - Good zombie experience - No squeake...
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  • List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

    This thread will compile a list of bugs and issues encountered in the Origins gamemode since its release for the PS3 edition. This is to let the Treyarch team know what requires fixing, because some of these are heavi...
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  • Can't post with my other forum accounts?

    I'm trying to post on my other accounts and I can't. I've been a member since the first black ops came out on the forums and it's frustrating, not being able to post. FIX IT!   I don't care if this is personal i...
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  • Probation

    I'm getting probation for every game I play. I thought it was stupid enough to even have probation for leaving a game but even if I finish a game till the end ill get probation now. It says I keep leaving games early ...
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