• How can I get my black ops 2 zombies stats reset

    I have played sooooo many hours of zombies my total zombies kills Is over 100,000 I know I have alot of downs and deaths but all together my kills to death ratio is hight than 100 I have tried so hard to rank up but I...
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  • Zombie Ranks KD Requirement Theory (KD Ranges?) NOT CONFIRMED IN ANY WAY, JUST SPECULATION

    So, I'm thinking they double every time. One thing I did notice is these values change depending on the amount of kills you have. The values listed below are minimums, I believe.     Let's start with crossb...
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  • MOON Easter Egg Players Needed. XBOX 360

    Any reasonable players looking to do easter egg on moon? xbox 360   ill skillz 1881
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  • 2014 - Still NO zombie stat reset?! What about quitter also >? <

    No big deal - but i just played buried and hit round 72 with 2 downs and over 12K in kills. Raised my KD by point .7 % That there beez a lot of time <<<<<    It's been days and still no sign ...
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  • ORIGINS Rain Fire Solo EE step...

    Any hints to make this easier? I am sure not the only one to find this step frustrating rather then time consuming, it fails 90% of the time.
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  • Inverted Colors, No Gun, Help...?

    So I'm running Black Ops 2 on my Xbox 360 Slim (250 GB Model). I've not played it in awhile, and just remembered why. Whenever I join games, whether Online, Private Match, or LAN, what happens is the colors become su...
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  • reset zombie ranks

    anybody know how to reset your zombie ranks, because when i first played i got a lot of downs and i cant do better than skulls.
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  • Does reseting stats in zombies also reset multiplayer?

    Hi guys I want to try the reset glitch in zombies because I started bad at first because its my first shooting game in a console. So I want to try the reset glitch for zombies, does it affect my multiplayer stats if I...
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  • Black Ops 2, Zombie stats reset.

    I would like to reset my zombie stats, my Gamer Tag is XxAMPxEaglesxX please reset my zombie stat
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  • How to reset rank legit. GUIDE.

    Works only for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 players.   Go here: https://support.activision.com/BO2rankreset   Select reset Zombies rank.   Profit?     Because so many keep asking it and mak...
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  • I'd like to game with more mature players.

    I think we can all agree that there are a lot of players online that are very offensive and extremely rude. Especially, to the people who play to have fun and maybe make friends. It gets rough.   I am a female p...
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  • MOON - Easter Egg. Responsible player/Team needed. xbox 360 Player

    I have shngri la easter egg done and can get to 30 + on all maps. Please help me with the moon easter egg "big bang theory" Old game so not many of friends have it.   Done all bar call of the dead and the moon e...
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