• Quickscoper vs Quickscoper

    I have come up against Quickscopers and as a Quickscoper myself(not a very good one though), I was wondering if there are any ways to improve your reactions and skills?
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  • Why I'm going back to Black Ops II

         I'm gonna keep this simple:   1. The maps are too large for 6v6. 2. R5, AK-12, M-27, MTAR are the only competitive weapons (as long as it's not Strikezone) 3. The spawns are so random,...
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  • How Ghosts coerced me into pulling out my camping gear

    Since the DLC release and update, my final scores have gone from being around 21-3 K/D to a more recent, and devastating, 9-15 K/D. This is not a coincidence. Since the DLC release and update, many of my matches ...
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  • How is this allowed? Sniping is a joke.

    I honestly had high hopes for this game when there was an interview stating that "Quickscoping isn't in the game, we don't want it" yet here I am, getting into lobbies with nothing but parties of snipers that are once...
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  • Quickscoping - a simple solution

    I apologise if this has already been suggested, but I don't really come on to forums and tbh can't be bothered to wade through the arguments & counter arguments to quickscoping.   The solution is simple.&nbs...
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  • Bring back NUKETOWN 2025 24/7!!

    I know its been said a billion times already but surely 3arch will finally listen to reason?! I'm PM and have no other intentions but a pure desire to play this game mode because its the most fun. Please bring it back...
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  • Quickscoping needs to be removed

    At the start of black ops 2 it was somewhat tolerable. But now nearly everything single game I play from free for all to search and destroy matches are filled with them. The reason I say is because its gotten out of h...
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  • Still plenty of kids quickscoping then?

    Just bought the game after a COD sabatical...   I notice that nothing has been done about quickscoping again, so I assume that the child dollar is still the defining factor...   Is there a Sniper free play...
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  • Unofficially Official Hardcore Discussion Thread

    ... and zero Search playlists. Neither Search and Destroy nor Search and Rescue made it.   Wow.   Here's what the HC community gets:   Cranked TDM Domination Kill Confirmed   For some reason...
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  • How should the devs fix the riot shield + C4 epidemic?

    In my opinion, the best way they can remedy this is by removing the ability for equipment to be used while the shield is equipped.  As a result, the shield itself will be restored to its proper defensive based pu...
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  • What gives with all the dashboarding?

    I haven't played for the last 4-5 days due to family and social commitments.  I got off work early today and was looking forward to spending a bit of quality time on this game.  First match I got in was abou...
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  • Is a KSG similar to sniper quickscoping

    I just took the KSG for a run and was pleasantly surprised but what I want to know what's the difference between it and quickscoping with a sniper. Is it  competitive against good quickscopers if you have two sim...
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  • Update 11-29-2013

    Whats this update for ? Just got booted for another update..I noticed by ranking jumped wayyyy up, clean the leaderboards or something?
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  • Two contradicting arguments

    Just recently I've noticed that here on the forums that people have gone from complaining about dying too quickly (OP guns) to not getting kills quickly enough, seriously?? I haven't noticed a change with the gun dama...
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  • Perks - especially Quickdraw

    New to ghosts, but CoD vet. In the previous CoDs I have generally settled on 3 standard classes after completing challenges   Rusher (marathon/Agility/Qdraw) Sniper (stealth + Stealth + Sitrep) and general use A...
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  • Does anyone else have to warm up???

    I usually have time after the lady goes to bed to stay up and jam for about 12-15 games. I usually shut down around 12:00-12:30 (US Central Time), which in my opinion is the the particular part of the day when the har...
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  • Anyone Else Think The Silencers in Ghosts are Little too Good?

    It seems incredibly cheap for me to be able to melt people with a silence AR from a good distance, idk maybe the ARs just have absurd ranges. I also heard that it reduces recoil or bullet spread.   Being off th...
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  • The Whole Game Needs Nerfed!!!

    First off, let me catch my breath from all the crying I was just doing... Okay I was just playing earlier and another player killed me. WTF?!!! This is BS. I was using the same class I always use, and playing with t...
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  • USR - Impending NERF?

    Has anyone else noticed the huge popularity of this gun in the last week? I've been playing since launch, play both Core and HC, and every game type except Cranked (if I can help it) and I've noticed more and more USR...
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  • So reload cancelling was OP?!?

    According to the fine folks over there at IW it must have been, since they've taken it away.  I'm pretty disappointed by this.  It's been in every call of duty that I can remember and they get rid of it now?...
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