• Oahu clan war is over. How did you do?

    After placing 4th in the first clan war, Made U Quit [QUIT] secured a first place win in Oahu Platinum division! Our team played their hearts out. Gunslingers United gave us fierce competition all the way up until the...
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  • ghost APP for android?

    so i noticed the ghost APP is only working in Iphones and such is anyone having problems with android.?
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  • Clan Wars not allowing me in

    I have 3 members in my clan including me and it will not allow me to enter any clan wars.   It says your clan needs to have at leaste 3 members. Any ideas
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  • Mischief Brigade is Recruiting

    I am recruiting for my new ghosts clan called the mischief brigade. Basically we play to have as much fun as possible.   I hate campers so our goal during games will be to troll campers but also to play the obje...
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  • cant post in forums

    i cant post a new topic any were in the forums except here. there is no new post or topic option.   Can any one help
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