• Do "I'm back!" threads still fail?

    Hey guys, i'm back. Looks like my thousands and thousands of posts don't mean squat anymore....oh well. Atleast GRaS is still overpowered. Anybody see EviL around? he still owes me 5 bucks and a seal skin.
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  • What is going on here?

    I leave and come back and the forum changes once again. Have missions returned? All we need now is ranks (military) and editable avatars like World@War.   I have no idea how to use this forum style or how point...
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  • Finding W.a.W Threads; How-to Guide

    Ha. No, this isn't the guide. This is an inquiry for a guide.   I left a while ago. I came back for a day about a year ago or so. Just checking in to make sure all is well. Frankly, I'm quite amazed I was able to...
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  • Wasted A Moment V.6.0

    just by clicking on this thread, you have wasted a moment opening and reading it!  
    EviL      EsKiMo
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