• best headset for the ps4?

    looking to get my first headset but not sure what to get. been searching but since the ps4 came out not all headsets are up for grabs. what do u guys recommend??
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  • Free Fall not working anymore (grid loading screen)

    Whenever I try to play Ghost Moshpit, it will not load Free Fall map anymore. I get to the level loading screen and it is a green and red grid instead of the level art. Then the screen goes black and I'm booted. I am ...
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  • [PS4] Looking for a clan that does clan wars..

    Hit me up here if ya want me on your team. I am on daily so we can do more clan wars currently Prestige 7 lvl 60
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  • Is diamond camo in Ghosts?

    I doubt it, because it is made by Infinity Ward, not Treyarch. Another Question: Do you guys think the MSBS will be nerfed, because I hope so? By the way, do you think the max prestige will be ten?
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  • Smoke em if you got em

    I Don't get it. I kill people inside my own smoke all the time but it still says 0/20. Anybody know how to do it fast and easy?...
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  • PS4 Headsets

    Hey everyone...   I need a new headset for PS4. I know a lot of them available for PS3 are not compatible with PS4, like the one I own now. I think I want to go all in and get a wireless surround sound headset u...
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  • PS4 Season Pass Issue SOLVED

    Hey Guys   I bought the hardened edition of the game and entered the code into the store, about a week ago now, and it said it had redeemed successfully. We all know how that story goes.......   Anyways fa...
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  • Question about PS3 to PS4 Upgrade.

    My question is if you have the PS3 version of Ghosts and upgrade to the PS4 version for $10 can you then switch back and forth between the PS3 version and the PS4 version or will it disable your PS3 version?
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  • PS4 controls

    Does anyone know if COD Ghosts will change control settings or have the option to change the controls? I really hate the ergonomics of having L1 and R1 as aim and fire. I would prefer to take advantage of the dualshoc...
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  • Which console will get the downloadable content (DLC) first?

    Since they officially announced it at an Xbox One event I'm thinking they'll stick with the deal they made with microsoft for the current generation. If you can confirm this or proving it wrong leave a reply and let m...
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  • Xbox 360 to Ps4

    i was wounding with the  Next Gen Upgrade Plans will work xbox 360 to ps4 because i want to go to cod ghost midnight realize but i carnt get ps4 till Christmas
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