• Less People Currently on Ghosts than Blops 2????

    What is going on with CoD Ghosts? I have never seen such a low player count for a CoD game released only 5 months ago. Anyone have a clue?
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  • Ghosts Xbox 360 Updates (7/1/14)

    We appreciate your feedback, so please continue sending it. We're working hard over here to get fixes and updates out to you as soon as we can! Be sure to follow @InfinityWard for future updates!   July 1, 2014 &...
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  • Retailer Biases???? (how about all the DLC as well?)

    Hey, I'm looking right at you, Activision and IW!!!   Why do the people who pre-ordered from GameStop get the Ghost Classic pack, yet EVERYBODY ELSE doesn't?????   I paid for my pre-ordered version of Ghos...
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  • bulletproof man ??????

    can anyone explain this, i just had a game on fog and i fired at a guy and had about 10 hits and the guy just turned and shot me, then superman turns up again ( i know its wrong to name and shame on here the guy was n...
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  • PS4 games like COD

    Hey,   I know this is not really anything to do with ghosts but has anyone even played the new Killzone on the PS4? I have been playing it a lot recently due to the lag and frame rate issues on ghosts.   T...
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  • Onslaught DLC???

    Anyone know a date on when the Onslaught DLC will come out for PS4, I heard that it wasn't going to be a month after the xbox anymore, is that true?  Thanks
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  • Getting PS Plus required...yet I have been signed up?

      About 5 minutes ago I am getting the error saying PS Plus is required for online play, and then it saying it is down for maintenance.  But no where does it say the server is going down, and I have been a p...
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  • Season pass 2 accounts same console

    If i buy season pass on my main account will my brother same ps4 but diffrent account still be able to use the dlc bonuses or will it just be my account?   thanks in advance
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  • Nat Type: Strict

    Can anyone tell me how I have a NAT type: strict? I am now finding it impossible to get into a game with a decent connection. I have always been Open and haven't changed any settings. Also done a quick internet test a...
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  • After Update, Multiplayer goes Black Screen

    I don't know what is going on. But it seems everytime I try to get in multiplayer. it freezes on 'fetching profile' and then screen suddenly goes black and stay on it.   Anyone expereince this before ? last nig...
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  • Seriously, IW. U guys slowed the game to a time limit crawl with these maps, ieds and nerfing the uav aka satcom.

    1) Ieds? Seriously? Who was it that came up with the idea to make claymores almost invisible with a bigger blast radius on these already very slow paced campy maps? This community hates claymore/bouncing betty campers...
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  • Italian Disk for ps4

    Hello all, i need to understand if the disk i got from italy has English on it or just Italian before i open it.   It states it is completely in italian on the box
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  • 01/23/2014 Topic: Things the way they were.

    COD,   Many here started playing these series before me (COD4 or MW which was in 2009). So I can claim I've been playing for a few years now and have witnessed each difference in the games that followod after Mo...
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  • PS4 controller touch pad underutilized?

    I noticed Ghosts doesn't use this at all (except its button function to display match leaderboards). But as far as the actual touch function, I still have yet to play a game that makes much use of it. I know Killzone ...
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  • Do You guys remember MAG?

    I ve always thought that call of duty should make a multiplayer game like mag no story no campain just a bunch of maps and weapons i think most people who play call of duty would love a game that is multiplayer only f...
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  • European copy on psn USA

    Hi people.   I'll travel to England in the next days and I'm planning to buy the Call of Duty Ghosts Bundle. With my ps3 I had some experiences with european games that do not work with my american psn account b...
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  • One month on, how do we feel about GHOSTS?

    Well CoD Ghosts has been out for 1 month (On current Gen)   How do we feel about this game now?   I personally enjoy the game, it has its bad points sure (huge maps, not having enough players in games if p...
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  • So I went on the BF4 forums today....

    and people are complaining there too about how bad BF4 is...just saying! BTW...it's so bad in BF4 that there is apparently a lawsuit in the works...good luck with that.
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  • PS4 version asking for Season Pass to play online???

    So i got to try my PS4 for the first time today and to play online its asking me for a season pass??? Never had this problem on the PS3 i'm straight online without a problem. Does anyone else have this issue? It says...
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  • Prestige time

    I prestiged for the first time, and it says it took me 1 day 14 hours on the prestige details. The funny thing is my total timed played is 1 day and 16 hours, and I have only played with one soldier. I was wondering i...
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