• Ground War Game Modes

    Looking to add some variety to your 9 v 9 lives. Let us know which game mode you want to play the most in an 18 player lobby and we'll have it added for limited amounts of time.   Depending on feedback we may or...
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    Zombies really needs to be it's own platform. It needs to be it's own game because let's face it, sure multiplayer is good but the only reason people play treyarch's games are because of ZOMBIES! Imagine it Call of Du...
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  • Engineer Upgrade is Useless?

    Maybe I simply haven't used it enough, but this upgrade for the Engineer seems ridiculous. I put it up whilst repairing the drill, and scorpions shooting their stuff, still penetrated the stasis field.   On a s...
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  • When will rushers realise...

    that all they are doing is rushing to mutiple deaths and a loss. I generalise, I know. There are some very good rushers out there, but hear me out.   As a solo player I get thrown into a lot of matches already u...
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  • Suggestion for zombies if Black Ops III is made

    Currently there's no solid evidence that states whether Black Ops III is being made; a new call of duty game has been announced, but it's unclear what it is from what I've read. I'm making this thread on the off-chanc...
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  • My god, it's full of cheaters

    History.  Got MW2 when it first came out.  After about a year it was overrun by cheaters.  Never got BOPS 1.  Got MW3 when it came out, had serious lag issues.  And over the last year or so it...
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  • Something hidden in TranZit, possible 2nd easter egg.

    I don;t really know if anybody has noticed this over playing TranZit, but after completing the easter egg you can do something else. At the laundry mat within Town, you can shoot the door several times and tons of ene...
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    When doing the ee take turns upgrading the fists while holding the fire staff. When the ee is fully completed (except cutscene) take turns holding gernades in the robots head and dying and when you spawn back in you'l...
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  • I found the night bus!!!!!!

    i found it, i reckon you have to be sandy, the girl character to get it!   so what you do you try to get a game as sandy, also i think this has to be solo, i did it on solo. so what you need to do is not to kill...
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  • How do you define origins ending?

    A lot of disappointment from a lot of players, im still puzzled about the whole thing...   Feels like they tried hard to have the same cliff-hanger ending as the previous game and failed miserably.  Any of ...
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  • Jimmy continues to troll us.

    So mr. Jimmy Z tweeted out something today. Same ol' cryptic stuff telling us to find and open stuff that's not there. https://twitter.com/ZielinskiJimmy/statuses/408724399915671552
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  • RGM2 recruiting new members (Xbox only) Gold clan tag

    The RGM2 clan is looking for regular and well performing COD Black ops 2 gamers! Clan level: 13 Clan tag: RGM2 (Gold clan tag) Clan name: The Maxis clan   Game modes   We usually operate on both Zombies...
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  • Buried- Never Ending Round Glitch?

    I might have found a big problem whit the zombie map buried, I went into public match on xbox and got into a game whit 3 other people, we done good, till the ghost women came on around round 5. we killed a lot of t...
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  • Camping: Your Opinions?

    I've noticed that camping has become a major hot topic in Ghosts right now, so I want to know what you think about it.   In my honest opinion, it is a bit of a headache, especially when people equip Dead Silence...
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  • Black Ops 2 Zombie Players Are ******* Terrible

    Ever since I got this game in almost all the matches I've been in, some prick quits because the game's not going his way, no one didn't revive him, or because the team is "terrible". I just got done with a game becaus...
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  • Just Watched the Origins Cutscene for the first time. . . . . Wow

    I'm at a loss for words after seeing the easter egg cutscene in origins. There are soooo many ways we could interpret it. Honestly although I always hate ambiguous endings, I love the feeling of mystery, and that ther...
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  • You Can Now See the Tac Insert With Engineer

    Kinda makes this heated thread now look silly. http://community.callofduty.com/thread/200713105?start=0&tstart=0#.UpQ5AuJ_LXU   I don't know if I like it.  I don't use them first of all.  But it ...
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  • what has treyarch and/or activision been thinking?

    obviously nothing is going to happen for zombies now. If it was it should've happened weeks if not months ago. I'd like to know what the people high up on their ladders were/are thinking about all of us? I mean a hand...
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  • Accurate Zombies "Ranking System" Post (Kills to Downs Debunked Too)

    Update: Jimmy Zielinski recently revealed that the system's primary factors are your downs and reaching high rounds in relation to one another. The system is evidently slightly more complex than this (or the applicati...
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  • Easter egg tutorial (Die Rise Maxis side)

    Like I said on my TranZit easter egg post, I would do Die Rise as well, but as a pre-warning, the Maxis side was altered a little so some steps are not as easy anymore. I'll start off with the Maxis side then will go ...
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