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linda031606 asked Nothing happens after I place a toy on the Portal of Power 3ds? (5 days ago)
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PhillyT replied (in response to SwindleSyndicate) Re: How do you make an Elite Clan? (6 days ago)
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SwagChasa rated Ghosts camo for people who didn't preorder ghosts please? (5 days ago)
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Jmanrocks2016 rated Black Ops 1 & 2 Easter egg run from Ascension to Origins. (5 days ago)
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Yesiamstephen started the discussion Check out my plug in baby 6 star rating! (5 days ago)
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Srta_Schultz asked New Bond (1 month ago)
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vdweghp asked Issue with drumcontroller, and connecting Activision Support (1 week ago)

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eramas voted on Mission 4: What will you spend your COD Points on first? (10 hours ago)
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yaro69prod replied (in response to Cabelaner) Re: How can I get the Facebook Trophy (20 pics upload), server seems to be do... (4 days ago)

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macdonals1515151 replied (in response to Kvothem-) Re: Busco jugadores para Clan - EP (2 days ago)
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TwistedYoug replied (in response to TimelessLion1) Re: Anyone Please Help, Just Started Playing and Now I'm lev 70 Because of a ... (2 days ago)
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Polymorph-X asked Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Online Multiplayer for PC (2 weeks ago)

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Nirvana2014 started the discussion BO2 DLC (2 weeks ago)
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vini98br replied (in response to alialiFODA) Re: DLC (1 day ago)

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Vortal replied (in response to ZxF_Equinox) Re: Xbox 360- BO2: Need Champions League Play Team! (4 days ago)
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Morgat asked Tony Hawk's Proskater 3 re-release on Steamworks (2 weeks ago)
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american-histo_X rated cherche des joueur pour mon clan (3 weeks ago)
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Overcash asked Game stuck at level 40 want go any further. What can be done to fix the level... (3 weeks ago)
SpaceSledgehammerANONYMOUS modified We've Made Caricatures of Ourselves (2 weeks ago)