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Over Forty Clan

Over forty year old players (or close) come visit our site:  <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://overfortyclan.freeforums.org">http://overfortyclan.freeforums.org< /a><!-- m --> 
We are a great group of people that play for fun.  We do not allow glitching of any kind.
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    OFC kickes @$$. I haven't seen godsmack around, how's he doing?
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    Thanks for the compliment.  Godsmack is around but hasn't been playing much lately.
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    hi tards....i know i have said this a thousand times, but i really enjoy playing agaist yall. idk what it is but it is always a close, fun as he11 match.
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    ParaSyt wrote:


    OFC kickes *. I haven't seen godsmack around, how's he doing?

    I can't write ass. Lets try ars @s$ a$$ @ss @$s

    Anyway do you OFC guys have all your FCs up on your site yet?
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    OFC are you a HC clan?  Cause it seems i dont play against you nearly as often as  probably should, both on WAW and MWR.
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    Good games last night. We are the SOD Crew [clan] .We too are over forty with the exception of SOD#2 who is 33. The *SOD* Crew From North Jersey, Later!
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    all the friend codes are up. we play both hc and reg tdm. It seems e always run into sks and sod, great games guys.

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    Yeah, good games to the SOD crew.
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    To the SKS and OFC guys-   Thanks for the great games!   The *SOD* Crew  (we call ourselves a crew, and not so much a Clan) consists of a group of friends... As *SOD*1 pointed out, we're all "veteran" players (meaning, we all know how to use an Atari, and never stopped after that)... We all know each other, go out together with the wives, and hang out in regular life.  We love it when we get to play a full team like the OFC's, that plays with their heads.   Keep it up, gents, and we'll see you on the field.

    I posted a spot at thesodcrew.blogspot.com if you ever want to reach us (or Heckle us or whatever!)

    Sometimes if we're short of guys (hey, we WORK too!), let us know, we'd be happy to join up w/you and frag some of the "kiddies".

    Take care!  

    *SOD*3 - "Bill"
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