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Q's Opinion of  ESTABLISHED CLANS,    LIST here.....

Is it just me? It seems there are 20 new so called clans a day, jeez, dont come up with some lame name, start a clan just to be a leader and have "power", look around, find one that has leaders that know what they are doing and have done it for a long time. Half of these clans have kids as leaders, weak websites, and threads that are misspelled, sigh

Either reply to this or pm me (if i missed your post) if you want to be on the GOOD CLAN LIST, in the off hand chance i dont recognize you, you will need to prove yourselves, have other clans vouch for you if you have to, but i will not just put up any old clan on this. Also this is not a sticky, so bump it, it only benefits your clan.

so many 2 week clans, lol, so many 2 weak clans

i may not be friends or talk with ALL the good clans out there, but i am wise enough to know who they are

THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY----->thus if i dont reconize you, you may not make it!!!
example: OFC, cant even count the amount of matches i have played against this clan in WAW and now MWR, that, was an easy "in"

These are clans I recognize and have seen often, have leaders that have been leaders for awhile, established, may/may not noob tube/, and DONT hack/glitch
in other words, these are clans that are not going anywhere.

ENVY (of course lol)
CCR (not on activision)

How long have you been a clan?
# of members?


No new clans will be added to my list here with one exception.
i call this the "Envy exception" haha:
Were you a founder of a known clan? but left and started another? then i may add you. it isnt fair that i put my own clan up there when we just started ourselves.

i feel i may make enemies by not putting your clan up there, i mean no harm, but if you feel insulted, i am sorry, but then again, i have always preached that this game is more fun with an enemy (as long as it is for the right reasons)
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