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Is hacked matchs good(fun) or bad(not fair)

Which one you will pick? The hacking debate starts here.
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    I've only stumbled into hacked matches twice.  Both times were infinite ammo hacks, leading to endless RPGs and noob tubes flying in every direction.  It pretty much sucked both times.  One of those matches was at the Bloc with teams bunkered on opposite sides of the map, firing across the diagonal; the poor accuracy at that range made the match take forever.  The second was on Showdown and was thankfully over quickly due to the close quarters.

    I can't for the life of me figure out how infinite ammo adds to the enjoyment of the game.  Far more interesting would be a hack to put grenade launcher ammo at zero, forcing noob tubers to utilize their primary weapon more traditionally...but I've never seen anybody go in that direction.
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    hacking isn't black and white, it also has shades of grey, the degree of hacking, "fair" hacking etc.
    and you should just drop the hacking topic beacuse people don't like hackers lol.
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    Well i've only been in two hacked matches (Waw and MW:R) and in waw i didnt reliese but the game soon ended. In MW:R the hacker was in my team and it was on Ambush so i stood in the middle with a "n00b tube" and hit the spawning points and gained a high killstreak from this but yet no one left. Soo ill feel it can add to the intensity of the game yet at the same time can ruin it :/
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    there have been about ten hacking threads in the past 2 days..please use the search
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    Cheats are just cheats and should be banned.  I have had all Call of Duty games but MW3 is the worst.  In the past month you can never get a good game because of hackers.  I am dumping the game.  Strange thing is that everyone I know have suffered the same and COD is an ex game now.  Deal with the cheats or you will lose all your serious gamers.